The treble? Rangers’ season is only getting started…

The treble? Rangers’ season is only getting started…
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - DECEMBER 17: Rangers captain James Tavernier lifts the trophy during the Viaplay Cup Final match between Rangers and Aberdeen at Hampden Park on December 17, 2023 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

With Rangers drawing a major first blood, and Celtic clearly collapsing under the ill-fated Brenda 2, where does the season now sit?

It’s evident Celtic are not the force they were under Europe-free Angie, who is now the Premier League’s favourite manager despite his Spurs side crashing hard after that initial run against bottom-6 teams.

Rodgers was a bad move for Celtic – a man hated at Parkhead, and with the soonest hint of things teetering, he’d get it in the neck.

Ibrox Noise doesn’t peruse Celtic websites, we never have, but we can only assume the foulest stench of hate, rage and meltdown is taking place – from what we hear, they were socking each other at Parkhead as it was.

Meanwhile Rangers, despite having a pretty poor squad, are in a vastly-better place.

We have an infinitely superior manager, to say the least, a guy with very good man-management skills and even better tactical ones, up against a manager whose biggest attribute is being a light source in the dark.

Being serious, where we at?

When Clement took over, Rangers were 7 points behind and the league was dead and buried.

Two months later the picture couldn’t have changed more.

Celtic have dropped boatloads of points, Rangers have dropped just two, and having nabbed the first silverware of the season, it is only Rangers who can win the treble.

Celtic are also out of Europe now, which, sadly, probably plays into their hands, but their confidence is shot so that cancels it out.


Rising, everywhere.

It truly is game on for the league now, but of course Rangers can only take the lead in the title with two wins in hand. We have one of them before we face them, so if we can beat St Johnstone then get that big win at Parkhead, we are a point ahead with a match in hand.

There is a theoretical 4-point lead.

And Rangers’ incredible heroics in Europe aren’t unnoticed either.

Basically the picture is good for Rangers – Clement is working miracles, and it’s game on for the league.

And that’s with a squad with Sam Lammers in it.

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