Banter Years’ Bilel Mohsni and the ex-Rangers hook

Banter Years’ Bilel Mohsni and the ex-Rangers hook
MOTHERWELL, SCOTLAND - MAY 31: Bilel Mohsni of Rangers clashes with Lee Erwin of Motherwell during the Scottish Premiership play-off final 2nd leg between Motherwell and Rangers at Fir Park on May 31, 2015 in Motherwell, Scotland. (Photo by Jeff Holmes/Getty Images)

Inspired by Ibrox Noise’s Kirsty, and the addition of young Fabio Silva to the Rangers ranks, Ibrox Noise wanted to focus on Bilel Mohsni.

Now a few eyebrows are probably being raised at this blast from the past rather randomly appearing, but there is a bit of resemblance between the two, albeit not as much as between Silva and fellow Rangers man Alex Lowry, in truth.

But the real point was how the big Tunisian from back in the day actually had the tools to be a top class defender, but was let down horribly by unprofessionalism and a poor attitude.

He was and is a lovely guy, don’t get us wrong, but he’s a lovely guy in the way the Bold Kyle is, and he too was a bit let down by his professionalism. To say the least.

With the gait of Virgil van Dijk and actually being an even bigger lad, Mohsni played at a solid level in England’s Championship for a time, and Ligue 2 in France, which shows a hint of what he could have achieved if not for his questionable personality/professionalism.

Lee Erwin is an example though of his bad attitude, one hell of a hook it has to be said, and at 26 Mohsni had had the tools in his game to reach very respectable levels but ruined it with that moment of madness.

When it comes to big, strong, powerful, fast, and aerially-dominant defenders, Mohsni had the lot. He even played around 10 times for his country, but that 7-match ban probably sealed the fate on his career and stopped him achieving his potential.

After all, no one would accuse Ondrej Kudela of being a bad stopper, and his unprofessionalism and subsequent ban did the same with him. He’s now been dumped out to the Indonesian Premier League, for his troubles.

So many players never quite hit their potential, some fall very short, and while Mohsni was ultimately, sadly for him the epitome of the banter years, he’s one of these players who with guidance and maturity could have achieved a lot more in the sport.

But it wasn’t to be.

Let’s hope appearance is about the only thing Silva shares with him!

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