The 10 biggest transfers in Rangers F.C. history

The 10 biggest transfers in Rangers F.C. history
Ajax Italian-born Nigerian defender Calvin Bassey smiles during a press conference at Ibrox Stadium in Glasgow on October 31, 2022, on the eve of their UEFA Champions League Group A football match against Rangers. (Photo by ANDY BUCHANAN / AFP) (Photo by ANDY BUCHANAN/AFP via Getty Images)

Over the decades, Rangers Football Club has engaged in some extremely exciting trades. As far as Scottish football goes, the Rangers have probably made some of the highest risk, highest reward transfers in the country’s history. To prove just how gutsy this team has been, here’s a quick overview of the Rangers’ 10 most insane transfers of all time, both arriving at and leaving the team.

10) Barry Ferguson (acquired for £6.3m)

Though this was the second time Barry Ferguson was signed to the Rangers, it was the most expensive transfer and the most successful. As both a captain and a defensive midfielder, Barry Ferguson would prove in the 2005 season to be one of the most beloved and competent football league players in Scottish history.

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9) Giovanni van Bronckhorst (acquired for £6.5m)

Nearly 25 years ago, the Rangers made a deal that would help set a future trend of expensive yet lucrative transfers. Giovanni van Bronckhorst was acquired back in 1998 at the age of 26 and has remained an Ibrox favourite since then. Despite his recent one-year long stint out of practice due to a manager fallout, he is still a top fan favourite.

8) Arthur Numan (acquired for £6m)

Another big acquisition for the Rangers back in the 1998/99 season was Arthur Newman, who exemplified the meaning of team spirit. He was a popular team player among younger members and was also instrumental in getting the Rangers to face France in the semifinals of the World Cup. Though not the priciest purchase the Rangers ever made, he was definitely one of the most valuable players.

7) Mikel Arteta (acquired for £6m)

Acquired from Barcelona, Mikel Arteta is one of the most expensive midfielders that the Rangers have ever got their hands on. Though he’s no longer part of the Rangers, he was an incredibly proficient player back in the 2003 season, when he was initially bought. Currently, he is the manager of the Gunners.

6) Jean-Alain Boumsong (sold to Newcastle United for £8m)

Boumsong was only part of the Rangers for one year, back in the 2004 season. Though he was a promising player, the Rangers management was up in arms when they received the offer from Newcastle. Clearly, it was a deal that they felt they could not refuse. Though he may have been used as a temporary bargaining chip, Boumsong went on to have many successful seasons and spells in the following years.

5) Michael Ball (acquired for £6m)

Arguably, the most questionable purchase the Rangers ever made was Michael Ball. Though a perfectly competent player originating from England, he soon found himself with a £10,000 fine for profanity against a Dutch manager. He would later end up being sacked by Leicester for yet another controversy.

4) Alan Hutton (sold to Tottenham Hotspur for £9m)

Famous for his highly aggressive playstyle, Alan Hutton had been transferred across many Scottish teams, so the Rangers selling him back in 2008 was not much of a shocker. However, the ex-Rangers hero has expressed some regret on leaving the team, showing that perhaps not every transfer is without its detriments.

3) Nathan Patterson (sold to Everton for £12m)

Patterson is both one of the newest and youngest transfers in Rangers’ history, having been sold in 2022. Aged 22, he’s a promising right-back who has already made multiple appearances. Though his transfer was one of the most expensive the Rangers ever made, it was well worth it.

2) Tore André Flo (acquired for £12m)

Signed from Chelsea back in the 2001/02 season, André Flo is by far one of the most famous transfers not only in Rangers history but Scottish football history in general. His 43-goal spell was considered both an anomaly and an astonishment, making him the most valuable acquisition in the team’s history. The Rangers certainly had a lot of acquisitions around this time, but André Flo was undeniably the smartest purchase of them all.

1) Calvin Bassey (sold to Ajax for £20m)

Though this should come as no surprise to anyone, Calvin Bassey is the biggest transfer the Rangers ever made – for a whopping £20m. Like Nathan Patterson, Bassey is very young and his transfer occurred very recently, in 2022.

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