Rangers with marketing masterstroke as Asia comes to Ibrox

Rangers with marketing masterstroke as Asia comes to Ibrox
The band themselves admiring the Govan dressing room (Credit Rangers FC)

Ibrox Noise regulars will be aware from the midst of our archives that we’ve wondered for years why Rangers didn’t tap more into the lucrative Asian market. With Premier League giants and European heavyweights plundering the Orient and indeed Middle Eastern market and getting megarich doing so, why didn’t Rangers take up far east summer tours or other marketing gigs in that neck of the woods to expand the brand out there? There is (was) a deal in place with India broadcaster Star Sports but we’ve not heard of too many more…

Well, today’s quirky appearance from South Korean K-Pop band StayC at Edmiston House could be the first serious step into the club trying to break into the Korean landscape and get a footing in that wealthy and fertile part of the world.

For those of you unaware, StayC are a pop act from Korea, a brand of music (K-Pop) named after the country. There was a bit of a ‘wardrobe malfunction’ recently when they were outfitted on stage in Texas with Rangers shirts by mistake, rather than the local baseball side’s top (Texas Rangers).

This was a very funny and quirky error which went viral quickly, and suddenly thousands of Koreans now knew of Rangers FC and the board acted even more quickly to seize upon this marketing by bringing the band to Edmiston House for a meet and greet with fans here.

Don’t get us wrong, they’re not a massive, massive band. Mrs Ibrox Noise does inform us Neanderthals that the likes of BTS (?) are much much bigger, and it wasn’t thousands of fans in Govan to greet them, perhaps around a 100+.

But it’s a start.

Under previous boards and regimes, the club was quick to pounce on this opportunity, to connect with that part of the world and open a pathway to grow the Rangers brand.

If the club gains a few hundred or even thousand new fans in Seoul or the like it’s worthwhile, and we may see more liaising with the Asias in the future.

Lord knows, Rangers’ brand would absolutely skyrocket out there if we made that move – we can’t deny Celtic’s brand already has via their connection out there with Korean and Japanese players thanks to historical additions from there and then Angie.

It’s an opening now for Rangers to do the same thing.

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