Rangers’ Todd Cantwell launches protest at Livi challenge

Rangers’ Todd Cantwell launches protest at Livi challenge
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - APRIL 15: Todd Cantwell of Rangers celebrates scoring the opening goal during the Cinch Scottish Premiership match between Rangers FC and St. Mirren FC at on April 15, 2023 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

We covered this yesterday, regarding Todd Cantwell and his increasing indiscipline and bad attitude, and some Rangers fans are trying to offer a bit of a defence for him by pointing out he’d been attacked first.

Indeed, the playmaker himself did exactly what we’ve been whining about on Ibrox Noise, and lived up to his nickname of TikTok Todd by taking to social media to protest the yellow on account of ‘he did it first’ about his opponent.

We made the case yesterday about Cantwell that we don’t need another Alfredo Morelos who picks up dumb yellows and reds, and the response to our piece was overwhelmingly supportive from the utter majority who agree he’s lost his way at the moment.

But that defence that the minority, and the player himself made, only exacerbated the situation.

Yes, Cantwell is targeted now – and why? Because he’s been dishing it out himself and getting himself in heated argie bargie on social media with trolls – he’s made himself a target, as Morelos did.

And just like Morelos, he’s reacting. He’s reacting to the provocation, and getting himself booked.

Maturity on a pitch is being targeted and just accepting it – letting the ref do his job, and accepting yes, you’ll get a bump and a bruise, but that’s football.

Immaturity is reacting to everything, squaring up to the assailant and getting a yellow card while he smiles at you with a ‘got you’ expression.

It doesn’t matter if the Livi boy gets a yellow, a red, or it’s missed by VAR or whatever – you do not concern yourself with the punishment or otherwise dished out to him.

Because all that matters is whether you’re still on the pitch or off for an early bath or causing potential suspension issues down the line by getting booked.

Cantwell needs to stop being wound up, stop messing about on social media, and some Rangers fans also need to stop blaming Scottish football for how bad he is now – he’s the only one this is happening to because he’s brought this on himself as Alfie did.

Some fans saying ‘no wonder good players don’t want to play here’ – true, but that’s been the case in Scotland for years, and we still manage to attract quality talent to Scotland anyway.

Unfortunately Cantwell currently is a mile below where he needs to be, and we really hope Philippe Clement drums reality into him over the next two weeks.

Last season’s Cantwell we’d love to see back, the one he currently is can sit on the bench.

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