A clarification on Rangers, Ibrox Noise and Philippe Clement

A clarification on Rangers, Ibrox Noise and Philippe Clement
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - OCTOBER 21: Rangers Manager Philippe Clement during the Cinch Scottish Premiership match between Rangers FC and Hibernian FC at Ibrox Stadium on October 21, 2023 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Steve Welsh/Getty Images)

Ibrox Noise wanted to offer a quick clarification on an article recently which attracted a lot of attention and hate, dare we say it, from Rangers fans raging over the (incorrect) idea that fellow supporters weren’t backing Philippe Clement.

The article was derided by many, labelled ‘nonsense’ by a few, and rejected by most.

Almost all of whom hadn’t actually read the pesky thing.

At no single point did Ibrox Noise ever suggest fans aren’t behind Clement – not at all. Every Rangers fan is backing the manager 100% – that is clear.

What we suggested was there was an air of caution behind that support, that fans were being very wary of making any conclusions as a result of his debut – caution over his capability of winning for us, of taking us back to where we belong.

And that we believe this caution is understandable given the 11 years of snake oil we’ve been sold.

That was the principle behind the article, not that anyone wasn’t behind the boss. We all are. That is clear.

What we WOULD qualify though is that air of caution…


If we don’t believe he’s going to bring back success, if we don’t believe a guy with three Belgian titles can do it at Rangers, if we don’t buy into the Hibs performance and result, why bother supporting him or the club at all?

Why be a demanding Rangers fan if you don’t think a high-calibre boss like this can deliver and that his debut was basically worthless?

He showed v Hibs a snippet of what he can do, if you don’t want to believe he’s the right guy to take us back where we belong, is there any point supporting him anyway?

If you already ‘want to give it time before judgement’ why back him at all? Why does he need ‘time’? He might need ‘time’ to actually get the results on the pitch, but he doesn’t need time for you to believe that he will get it right overall.

He’s Rangers manager, with a massive CV, great respect in the game, and he’s already won most supporters over – why have caution? Why have second thoughts?

This isn’t 3-win QPR Beale, or Rookie Gerrard.

This is a guy with a history for winning and results. And he’s already gone some way to show his credentials v Hibs.

If you don’t want to buy into him as a winner for Rangers, what’s even the point of you being here?

We think he has what it takes. We get being a little cautious with some presumptious language – and we agree that the league this season sees odds against us.

But Rangers is winning. Philippe Clement is winning.

And so should we all be.

Believe in him, believe in his plan, and let’s get Rangers winning again.

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