Some Rangers fans are still convinced Beale is the right man

Some Rangers fans are still convinced Beale is the right man
He's pretty much done now....

And in a further note of the hypocrisy of some Rangers fans over Michael Beale (not a majority, we’ll get to that later) the same ones now criticising the players for not doing their job with the ‘Beale can’t score the goals can he’ lines are the same ones who demanded we judge Beale when he had his own players.

Yes, the ‘give them a chance ffs’ brigade is well-and-truly back, and while their number has dwindled, there’s still a sizable chunk of these fans who will polish a turd every day of the week to delude themselves into believing Glasgow Rangers have the right manager and the right players.

We don’t like criticising Rangers fans, we are all Rangers fans, and we all want the best for the club and to see the club win matches and win titles.

But unfortunately there are those of us who will simply ignore the facts and shift the goalposts every time something they can’t defend appears.

As we say, the same folks who excused Michael Beale’s fails on the big matches last season by telling us all to judge the man when he had his own players and had signed his own squad, are now blaming those same players for not being able to play football, rather overlooking Beale being the one who endorsed them.

So, what they really meant was they wanted us to praise Beale when his signings worked and the team won – they just didn’t want us to criticise him if they didn’t and the team struggled.

That’s what ‘judge’ really means when a football (not just Rangers) fan is defending something – it means ‘wait till they’re successful then praise them, till then shut up’.

Of course, there’s an argument that all the criticism isn’t helping anyone – and that’s probably true in a roundabout way – but what it is doing is stating the truth, and protesting what isn’t good enough.

Had the fans cheered in support at the full-time whistle at Ibrox today, it would have been outright weird and probably made the news – ‘Rangers fans cheer and support despite a humiliating loss and their season crashing’.

True, it might have won some friends, but it wouldn’t have won the title. And Rangers’ DNA is, and will always be, winning the title.

We do not, reasonably, expect to win the league every season – we demand we push for that and sure, some seasons that lot over there will edge it. But we always expect to be challenging.

Rangers, aside 55, haven’t challenged for the title since 2011.

And that is absolutely abominable. It’s worse than Celtic in the 90s and it’s worse than Rangers ourselves in the 80s.

And while some fans claim this is the worst squad and manager of all time, which is false (look at 2012), it’s understandable why they make such an emotional suggestion.

It is very, very bad, and the sooner all fans accept this and demand something better, this is all we’ll get.

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