“Not up to it – 0” – Rangers players rated v Celtic

“Not up to it – 0” – Rangers players rated v Celtic
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - SEPTEMBER 03: Sam Lammers of Rangers reacts after he rounds Joe Hart of Celtic only to miss during the Cinch Scottish Premiership match between Rangers FC and Celtic FC at Ibrox Stadium on September 03, 2023 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

Michael Beale’s coat surely fell off that shoogly peg today as Rangers’ inept manager led his side to yet another Old Firm loss.

Ibrox Noise brings you our ratings for what is the end of a nightmare week for the Famous.


Made a few good saves, had no chance with the stunning winner. Had little help from the defence in front of him and made a few good claims and reads. Again, he can hold his head high enough. 6


Frankly Maeda made mincemeat of him several times, and he was as usual caught upfield a lot. Defensively it’s not the worst we’ve ever seen from him but he was exposed frequently as he often is. Managed a few crosses, some were ok, but he was done for pace several times. He’s absolutely finished as a Rangers player and captain. 4


Completely naïve for Kyoto’s winner, caught in no man’s land – did save a sure goal with a sliding block (even if he didn’t know much about it) but gave the ball away in key areas and still has no understanding with John Souttar. 4


Beale is doing this guy such a disservice – every time he partners with Goldson he struggles – and it was the same again here. His passing was good, but he cannot read the game beside Goldson, and it exposed the defence repeatedly. 4


Another bad call. Ridvan on the bench, Balogun nowhere to be seen, and he picks a RB at LB who was diabolical there v PSV. Sterling did the best he could with a bad deal, but he’s just not a LB. 4


Another bad call. Jack has been soft-centred v Celtic for years now, and he offered nothing defensively in the position he was supposed to break things up in. This isn’t his slot any more and he was meek. 4


Raskin just isn’t in form this season. He’s not the dominant powerhouse of running he was last season and seems little more than someone who just passes the ball to the side. He does press but rarely does he ever get the ball in these moments. This was another match to pass him by as he mostly sat off McGregor and just watched him play. 4


Yeah a lot of fans calling Todd out and we agree he’s not hit the heights. Under the lack of pressure as it was in the second half of last season, he shone, but with the spotlight on him this season he’s not offered the same level of quality and dominance. He has his moments, but unfortunately his shining star of last season has faded much like it did at Norwich. 4


Bad call. He was isolated, and easily relieved of the ball – thought he’d scored but it was miles offside. He’s enjoyed a better season but he’s becoming an impact sub and not a starter. 4


Beautifully clinical with his disallowed goal, Roofe was generally starved of much of the ball, but did do an excellent job on McGregor after the horrendous space the Celtic captain got in the first half – but that wasn’t the job he should have been doing. He was probably Rangers’ best outfield player for what little he was able to do. Stands to reason he’d be taken off. 6


Dessers actually put what he could in – he tried to get in Celtic defence’s faces, and he created a bit of chaos. He did ‘foul’ for the disallowed goal (in reverse we’d be screaming for it to be chopped off) but overall there’s a real lack of quality in his composure. 5



His effective (latest) open goal miss summed up why Atalanta sold him at a £5.5M loss. 2


Another Danilo appearance, more wastefulness in front of goal albeit he should have had an assist with a good square across goal. 4


He gave it what he had and he wasn’t the worst offender on the pitch. He’s just one of many many horrible Beale signings. 3


Not quite sure why he didn’t start. Was a distinct touch of quality once he was on. 5


Wasn’t able to offer a lot and the game was gone by then. 4


We think this is the end for Michael Beale. He picked, again, another weird XI and his tactics apparently were to sit off Celtic and soak them up. The system, again, was incoherent, and we’re not sure who is meant to be playing where. What Beale is doing isn’t working, and the bread and butter of any Rangers manager is Celtic matches. Again, he’s failed. He’s not up to it. 0

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  1. I can only pray, the top dogs send him on his way today with his P45, hero to zero right enough, at least the shettleston harriers couldn’t lay a hand on us for 2 years and Europe was a success as well when the scouse rat was here, he had the making of them, this character Beale, is an absolute failure in every sense of the word, l would happily drive him down south right now, a flop, a failure, a nobody

    We need a manager with real balls to drop tav and goldson, the last few managers seem to build a team round these 2 and they are absolutely fking dire, l wished l could make 2 Million + a year for doing absolutely heel haw

    Beale needs to go, simple as and l cannot put it any simpler than that, just pray the board make him walk the plank today

  2. Wish I could defend Beale, I want to, I want him to succeed. But I give up. I do not see any indication that his signings will improve.
    Butland is decent, but McCrorie never let us down either. The rest? No sign any of his forwards are as good as Shankland

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