Harry Souttar to Rangers as Ibrox sources ‘do battle’…

Harry Souttar to Rangers as Ibrox sources ‘do battle’…
LONDON, ENGLAND - APRIL 01: Harry Souttar of Leicester City looks on during the Premier League match between Crystal Palace and Leicester City at Selhurst Park on April 01, 2023 in London, England. (Photo by Ryan Pierse/Getty Images)

We never did reference this little ‘battle’ in among the Rangers sources, between The Fourth Official and 4lads.

Time moves on and forgets things very quickly, and we’re sure TFO probably don’t overly appreciate us dredging this story up, but yes, they assured the world that Harry Souttar was a very serious prospect for coming to Rangers, particularly on loan, when 4lads said the story had no legs and was a complete non-starter.

It does seem like 4lads got it right, and Rangers were never seriously interested in John’s brother, which does question TFO sources a little, but then equally they got Glen Kamara correct even if their timeframe was wrong.

This is no way a dig at TFO, everyone gets things wrong now and then, and Ibrox Noise has certainly had our share of doozies too – if we claimed a monopoly on the truth then we’d be liars.

But as much as 4lads has got things wrong in the past too (Ramsey and Bates to name just two) they were on the money with this one it appears, and Harry Souttar remains in Leicester as surplus.

But yes, we remembered this one, a curious face off between these two respected sources, not directly, because TFO were clear that they were not calling 4lads wrong, just that their own sources told them differently – it seems that their sources were off centre this time.

Welcome to the wonderful world of social media and sources and ITK and Rangers knowledge – as TFO, ourselves and others have put it many times, people always remember the few you get wrong, they never remember the many you get right.

And that’s why we’ve tried to be fair here, because TFO were (mostly) bang on about Kamara and are definitely not the target for criticism at all.

Rangers sites like these and ours come under almost as much scrutiny as the team does – a duff or wrong article gets almost as bad a reaction as a bad performance from the teams does – we recall monumentally screwing up with a Kamara piece ourselves some weeks ago, and we held our hands up to it.

But the reaction from a minority was akin to the appalling reaction from the majority to Rangers’ Ben Davies birthday thread.

It’s just the flack we all take sometimes, we suppose.

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