End of the road for Michael Beale – Rangers’ board knows it

End of the road for Michael Beale – Rangers’ board knows it
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - SEPTEMBER 03: Michael Beale, Manager of Rangers, reacts during the Cinch Scottish Premiership match between Rangers FC and Celtic FC at Ibrox Stadium on September 03, 2023 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

So what now for Michael Beale? Unfortunately following the (sadly predictable) latest debacle inflicted upon Rangers by our current ‘manager’ we have to conclude that he’s not capable of the job he’s been entrusted with.

We got it wrong, here at Ibrox Noise – we wanted him in place because of his record at QPR, but we made the rookie error of forgetting the pressure difference at Loftus Road compared with Ibrox.

It’s one thing going on a ‘better than expected’ run with a midtable Championship side that takes you second, quite another doing it on a must-win every match basis with a colossus the size of Rangers.

Michael Beale has demonstrated time and time again that he’s not up to the task of managing Rangers, with the expectations our fans have.

The ‘give him a chance’ brigade and ‘back the manager ffs’ cohorts are silent today – sure, there was a disallowed goal, but there was also a desperate lack of quality and Celtic never really looked troubled.

The few times we breached their defence they have a clever thing called a good goalie who was able to stop it all with ease. That’s his job.

We also have a good one in Butland, but unfortunately the rest of the team just isn’t up to it. At least, not under the manic instruction of this manager who is clearly significantly out of his depth.

We called it out preseason – we called out the signings of Sima and Lammers hugely, looking at their CVs and deeply worrying these guys were well off the quality level Rangers need. Both were and are career failures in football, and that Beale was bringing them in to ‘overhaul’ our forward line was an act of desperation.

We wanted to be wrong, but deep into September and 6 points of a possible 12 in the league and being humped out of the Champions League in a diabolical fashion by a rather average PSV (they are REALLY not that great) sums up that sadly, and we sadly weren’t wrong.

Beale has signed garbage. He’s brought in players who aren’t as good as what they replaced. Dessers for Morelos, Sima for Kent. Sure, these two weren’t vintage last season, but at their best they were borderline world class.

These days we have journeymen, signed at big money, who haven’t come close to impressing anyone.

And that’s Beale’s vision.

He spent the £16M on this lot, and he’s dying by the sword that caused. And he left defence in tatters. Sticking by Goldson and Tavernier as well.

He also dumped Colak and Arfield first chance he got, and here we are fourth in the table behind Motherwell and St Mirren as a result.

This is Paul Le Guen failed experiment territory and the board knows what it has to do.

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  1. Getting rid of Colak, nearly every single one of us knew that that was a bad bad mistake, another fan on here suggested Shankland who would have been our next Coisty/Boyd and we are left with a clueless manager who signed absolutely cow dung and he won’t be too bothered as he is getting a fortune every week and probably hoping he gets the sack for the massive payoff, Europe was our first warning, today was just a disaster

    I hope the fans are still waiting outside Ibrox to drag that weasel Beale away

  2. 100% correct it’s a shambles. Brenda has got our number already . He sees the obvious weakness of Tav and Goldson . We all see it but they are on the Team Sheet every week no matter how they let us down. We all see how poor Sima Lammers Danillo and Dessers are but the cash is gone. Its so disappointing.

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