“Comfortable” – Rangers manager Michael Beale makes big claim

“Comfortable” – Rangers manager Michael Beale makes big claim
Michael Beale, under pressure and under fire....

Rangers manager Michael Beale has for the first time formally addressed the feverish speculation over his job, in part caused by himself.

Speaking pre-St Johnstone, the manager claimed he wasn’t worried about his position, and in fact accepted the pressure and expectations, suggesting he welcomed it.

He said:

“Fans have shown a frustration towards myself, that’s fair. They’ve shown a frustration towards the players as well. None of us are really in a lot of credit at the moment. I was fully aware of what I was getting myself involved in. I understand Glasgow and how it works. I can’t affect the background noise. I’ve just got to get on with my job day in day out. I’m really comfortable. Reporters and journalists are going to ask managers questions. I can’t help that.”

Beale showing himself, at last, to be a little more in touch with fan-feeling right now, because he sure as heck hasn’t shown the same awareness in recent times, as we have touched upon. But he suggests he’s ‘comfortable’ which is a strange thing to say, really.

But we are glad he admits he and the team aren’t in much credit, because they sure aren’t right now, and this hints that no one escapes this criticism, including the untouchable Tav and Goldson comedians – doesn’t mean he’ll ever drop either of them though.

He goes on:

“No [I’m not worried about my job], listen I’m disappointed with the results, just like everybody else. This year is about picking up silverware. It’s very early into the season, there’s been a lot of change around me. We’ve not started the season how we all wanted but there’s a lot of football to be played. [The supporters are] sharing their frustration. It was heard loud and clear. I don’t think there’s much time for talking now, we need to make it up to them on the pitch in performances and results. Fans are sharing their frustration and anxiety at the way the start of the season has gone. That’s quite natural.”

Correct. But unfortunately you’re doing the same thing as your captain, saying you’re ‘disappointed’ – what Cantwell said a week or so ago was much better.

We’re all disappointed, and we’re all getting more and more disappointed with the rubbish quotes the club is putting out, particularly the manager and captain.

‘Disappointing’, isn’t it?

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