“Business as usual” – Chris Jack claims Michael Beale sack talk false

“Business as usual” – Chris Jack claims Michael Beale sack talk false
Beale screaming instructions at Ibrox (Credit Rangers FC)

It is starting to look this morning like the sacking and departure ‘rumours’ around Michael Beale were premature, and no one is any the wiser, aside Chris Jack who claims such information is downright false.

Speaking on the Rangers Review, Rangers’ resident journo mouthpiece said thus:

“In terms of Michael’s situation, sources at the club have completely knocked down all rumours circulating over the weekend, and it’s business as usual.”

It had been claimed by some Twitter punter (a chap by the name of ITK something or other) that Beale would be departing this morning, but as we can see, that was false.

So, for now, it looks like Michael Beale carries on as Rangers manager, and that’s that for present.

It doesn’t explain two things:

1: The board’s staggering silence officially over the matter, including a radio silence on the entire topic and post-Old Firm loss. With the feeling the way it was, there really was a complete lack of output from the club aside sporting updates and marketing material.

2: Why Beale changed his social media to QPR and unfollowed the private Rangers squad Instagram that he himself made. This remains strange – why did he remove his Rangers photo and replace it with the previous job that he quit to join us from?

It seems, for now, that sacking or departure talk is somewhat exaggerated, and it’s business as usual at Ibrox.

What a very strange period of news this has been. Keeping up with it is rather difficult.

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