Rangers the flavour of the month as press smear job on Celtic

Rangers the flavour of the month as press smear job on Celtic
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - AUGUST 19: Rangers manager Michael Beale is seen during the Viaplay Cup match between Rangers FC and Greenock Morton FC at Ibrox Stadium on August 19, 2023 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

As always, this morning, we’re seeing the scales tip in favour of Rangers, with the press now forking out all the anti-Celtic headlines they can.

Speaking about a Parkhead overhaul, signing new players, and currently players complaining and whinging about the club.

Oh how quickly it’s derailed over there.

Now, we know the ‘much too early for this talk ffs’ brigade along with their mates ‘who gives a fling about that lot ffs’ shower are all wanting to chip in with their negative ninnies but we honestly don’t care.

They, incidentally, are the same hypocrites yelling ‘give him a chance ffs’ – in other words, offering pure positivity and support, but when they’re faced with similar positivity from others they then go negative. Such is life eh?

But aside that conversation, the change in press tone the past few weeks has been stark. It’s been filled with anti-Celtic propaganda, highlighting the problems over there, while regaling positive commentary about Rangers.

Indeed, up till very recently, the grumpiest Rangers outlet had probably been Ibrox Noise! We’ve definitely seen a shift in the past few matches, including Morton where despite the horrific performance we got the job done.

And with all to play for in midweek and Celtic languishing at present the state of things is definitely much better now.

It is of course incredibly early in the season but we Rangers fans still talk about last September with significance so we’re sure going to refer to this one with the same importance.

And the press is clearly turned onto Celtic’s troubles.

Make no mistake, they are NOT the force of last season. Rodgers was great previously, but with the team he built and facing a very, very weak Rangers.

It’s not the case this season – he’s come back to someone else’s team and he’s already been papped out of the first cup at the first time of asking while following it up with dropping league points. His players don’t want to play for him, Maeda loudly in the press admitting he doesn’t like the new manager.

Whereas Rangers are finding the gears now. Killie the only blotch this season.

The press always latches on to whoever is doing great, and attacks the ones struggling. For a long time that was Rangers, and while we’re not now saying 56 is ours, momentum, currently is with all things Ibrox.

And the press are now on Celtic’s case.

Long may that continue.

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