Penalty shoot-outs need to be changed ASAP

Penalty shoot-outs need to be changed ASAP
USA's forward #15 Megan Rapinoe reacts after failing to score in the penalty shoot-out during the Australia and New Zealand 2023 Women's World Cup round of 16 football match between Sweden and USA at Melbourne Rectangular Stadium in Melbourne on August 6, 2023. (Photo by WILLIAM WEST / AFP) (Photo by WILLIAM WEST/AFP via Getty Images)

Ibrox Noise has long wanted penalty shoot-outs in their current form abolished. Rangers have been on the receiving end of some absolute heart-breakers, and it quite simply is the worst way to lose a match.

So when the USA women’s team ‘lost’ a penalty shoot-out to condemn them to an early world cup exit, it only rammed home just how shocking a way this is to lose now, and even worse, how VAR can be absolutely contentious at best.

Ibrox Noise is a big fan of VAR in general, it helps officials come to the correct decision 99% of the time, but then there’s that 1%.

And that one percent was seen in Australia as a penalty was ‘adjudged’ to have crossed the line when even the VAR replay was far from definitive, via a question of millimetres.

Despite the woeful Eni Aluko making a ridiculous claim that it was ‘clearly’ over the line, it absolutely was NOT clear, and a case could be made for it not being over the line going by the pure rules of the game.

Human sight is what decided this decision, with goal line technology only confirming a question of millimetres if even that between it not being over the line, and being over the line.

And to lose that in a world cup is just not good enough.

Not that VAR was wrong, or right – it presented the evidence and humans made the call based on it, but that losing this way is absolutely cruel.

It’s not a loss in 90 minutes, or even the last minute of a match – that’s just bad luck in some ways, a lack of concentration, whatever.

But when a deeply contentious penalty in a shoot-out dumps a team out of a world cup, you do wonder when the format of the whole thing will change.

We have proposed alternatives, check out here how we’d change it, but for now, once again, a penalty shoot-out loses a team a match they probably deserved to win. Isn’t that right Argentina.

It’s time to change this arcane way to lose a football match.

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