Three in, five out – Rangers’ transfer window so far

Three in, five out – Rangers’ transfer window so far
Rangers' new goalie (Credit Rangers FC)

Rangers’ transfer window is underway in earnest, and Ibrox Noise are going to do something irresponsible and slightly pointless, and rate what we’ve done so far.

With the window not actually formally open for another five days, Rangers have secured three precontracts: Dujon Sterling, Kieran Dowell and Jack Butland and let five go. Without further ado, what do we make of the first incomings and outgoings, based purely on CV, name etc…


Kieran Dowell:

Not that exciting, and we’re sure the usual ‘give him a chance ffs’ and ‘have you seen him play’ and ‘criticising him before a baw is kicked ffs’ mobs will be out in force, but there’s nothing about Dowell or his CV that adds much to Rangers that isn’t already there. He’s a reasonable player, not a great one, and he’ll provide depth in Todd Cantwell’s position. We don’t expect a lot from him. His CV is modest but he does have 20+ Premier League appearances which is ok. 6/10

Dujon Sterling:

A very similar status to Dowell, if fractionally less attractive, Sterling was dumped by a bunch of lower-league sides who weren’t impressed, before finally seeing his Chelsea contract ended for him to make the switch north. He’s a RB so we doubt he’s going to supplant the captain, and he’s unlikely to be much more than squad options as well. 5/10

Jack Butland:

Suddenly things got MUCH better. Former England number one, almost 100 Premier League outings and at an excellent age, Butland took a significant paycut to come to Rangers, and we now have a goalie better than we probably have the right to expect. This was a marquee addition and we’re thrilled with it. 10/10



Time was up, he had to retire the gloves, but what a career he’s had. Equally, sad he didn’t do this a season or two ago, went an extra season or two when he shouldn’t have.


A horrible waste of money in the end, Helander’s whole Rangers career was an injury sham. We feel for him, and hope he gets his football back.


Should still be at the club, has made a view subtle little digs at the decision to let him go, and few to no fans agree with Beale’s call here. Was a wonderful servant who did zero wrong his entire time here.


His time was up, his Rangers race run. We don’t feel the ill for him most fans do, and he gave us much more than is suggested, but he did also fractionally underachieve.


Wanted to leave only 6 months after he arrived, his attitude stunk from day one, and he wasn’t even that great a striker for us. The Euro record is false, and we’re glad he’s gone.

And that’s it. 3 have come in, five have left, but there has been no other confirmed movements beyond Ryan Jack’s extension.

It’s early days and plenty of time to go but it’s thankfully started in (mostly) the right direction. We need better incomings to launch a decent assault on the Premiership next season, but we got rid of four players who needed to go.

So much to do!

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  1. Decent summary , I agree with almost all of it. I think Dowell and Sterling will show up they have good pedigree and may need this platform to get engagement again . Butland is a fabulous signing. I will continue to pursue the sell Goldson option as he will always represent a weak link for me at the back . I know he has good stats but has let us down on key occasions I also think he’s a difficult partner at the back and has exposed his teammates , Hellander , Souttar . Looking forward to seeing the Striking options we bring in .

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