Rangers are awaiting an answer from Nigeria’s Cyriel Dessers

Rangers are awaiting an answer from Nigeria’s Cyriel Dessers
REGGIO NELL'EMILIA, ITALY - MARCH 06: Cyriel Dessers of US Cremonese celebrates after scoring his team second goal during the Serie A match between US Sassuolo and US Cremonese at Mapei Stadium - Citta' del Tricolore on March 06, 2023 in Reggio nell'Emilia, Italy. (Photo by Alessandro Sabattini/Getty Images)

As Ibrox Noise regulars will know we didn’t report the ‘story’ about Cremonese’s Cyriel Dessers ‘saying no’ to Rangers, mainly because there was no substance to it.

The big problem for Rangers is his price, and not feeling the striker’s qualities are worth the general asking price of around €7M, or around £6.5M. Rangers have offered £5M and the deal is on the backburner, while Serie A side Torino also look at the Nigeria international whose record last season was good but not devastating.

He’s currently a Serie B striker with the relegated Grigiorossi side, but won’t remain there for long given the interest from top flight sides is there – Rangers and Torino being the big two interested.

Torino can offer more wages, but they can’t offer Europe and they’re nowhere near as big a club as Rangers, while of course Rangers can’t offer the same quality domestic competition with the Scottish Premiership a pathetic league compared with Serie A.

That circumstance does hamstring Rangers (and Celtic) a lot, meaning we have to tempt with better wages than we might if we were in, say, a Premier League or even England’s Championship.

But this is irrelevant – getting back to Dessers, the Belgian-born Nigeria international is weighing up his choices at this point, and it boils down to Rangers or Torino as things stand.

He chooses higher wages and a much better league, or a much bigger club and European football. It just depends on what Dessers’ ambitions are, and both choices are completely valid, in fairness to him.

As for Rangers – if Dessers shows that he wants us, it comes down to the clubs to fix a price – Cremonese don’t feel £5M is enough, and Rangers are unwilling, at this point, to boost that price beyond that number.

But Dessers hasn’t said no to anyone yet – least of all Rangers.

We watch and wait.

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