Rangers & Celtic get apology from McPherson and we all need to move on

Rangers & Celtic get apology from McPherson and we all need to move on
McPherson, the man at the centre of the storm... (Credit Rangers FC)

Craig McPherson’s apology was the right thing to do, even if it took a little longer than it probably should have. The Rangers Women assistant coach had already apologised to Celtic’s manager Fran Alonso, and no one can defend what McPherson did on the pitch, least of all himself.

But we still do not condone the utterly embarrassing reaction from the media and our own fans (the majority) who have never made a mistake in their entire lives and want McPherson sacked or jailed.

McPherson made an error – look yourselves in the mirror and tell yourselves you never have done so and that’s fair enough. If you can’t, then get off your ridiculous high horses and give a man a chance.

The eagerness to have him cut out of the Rangers family doesn’t strike us as a Rangers support at all, it strikes us as a pack of wolves ready to destroy one of their own for blowing in the wrong direction.

He’s apologised to Alonso, and that, for us, was the end of it, especially given Alonso himself wanted only an apology and nothing else.

Then we had to further laugh as the same fans wanting McPherson fired or jailed then slated the SFA for getting involved and citing him. So, you want him gone, you want to punish him to the ends of the earth, but when the SFA get involved to do so suddenly it’s them you attack?

Not sure how that works.

But for us, the apology should be the end. Alonso accepted, McPherson also apologised to Rangers and the fans, and that is that.

It’s a sad world when these days an apology and contrition isn’t enough even for your own, and they want to see you burn instead.

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