Press pulls out anti-Rangers agenda for Sunday Old Firm

Press pulls out anti-Rangers agenda for Sunday Old Firm
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Well it’s clear who the media backs on Sunday… the headlines this morning for Rangers fans are 100% negative while all the press favours the eastern lot, with one paper going so far as to wheel out an ex-Celtic player from 4 years ago to get him to praise the club.

There’s no doubt that sentiment in the media is 100% pro Celtic these days, with all Rangers headlines covering negativity or drama.

In a defence, we admit, what positivity is there out of Ibrox at the moment? Yes, Ibrox Noise is thrilled with the board changes, but the impact of these are long term and not going to throw the balance immediately – we’d have to wait till 12 months down the line to see any impact.

But nevertheless the press have pinned their mast, and they’re firmly rooting for the other mob.

Reality is we already knew the press are entrenched with Celtic-mindeds – you only have to look at the content the Scottish media have put out the past decade to sense the greater volume of anti-Rangers stuff compared with Celtic.

Yes, they will use Celtic negatively for clicks too, it’s what they do, but there is just a higher level of Celtic-minded journos out there than Rangers ones, and the gutter press employ most of them.

Hell, there’s even a well-known Hibs fan editor of a massive Rangers publication. Not exactly the CV you expect the boss to have.

And today we’re seeing a trench of headlines favouring the green lot and finding dirt on Rangers.

It’s Old Firm semi-final week and clearly the press want Celtic to get the treble, so while our faith is low that Michael Beale’s Rangers can stop them, we’d still love it to happen.

Because it will at least shut up the media north of the border and make BBC Scotland have to show us winning. And Michael Stewart would have to give us credit too.

The downside is we just can’t see it happening – they’re just too far ahead and we’re a mess. But hey, stranger things have happened in football.

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