Nicolas Raskin ‘gets it’ as Rangers star becomes One of the People

Nicolas Raskin ‘gets it’ as Rangers star becomes One of the People
Looking a bit happier in the past....

The Nicolas Raskin story currently doing the rounds is a huge crowd-pleaser for Rangers fans, with the Belgian (relatively) new boy quickly gathering that Rangers are the most unpopular team in Scotland, just like he describes his ex-side Standard back home at the Jupiler Pro in Belgium.

And the pleasing aspect for supporters is how this hard-working young player has not only settled in superbly (mocking the idea of ‘give him time’, as fellow January addition Todd Cantwell has likewise) and is playing great football, but has also speedily grasped what Rangers is all about and how ‘no one likes us’.

He said:

“Yes, I heard that they don’t like us. But all the teams that play Rangers try to give their best and they try to beat us. I have the feeling there is not so many teams that love us. But we are a team that likes to play against adversity like we did last week also. It was the same with Standard. In Belgium, the team liked to play against adversity. For me personally it’s always good to play away where the fans don’t like you because you show that you are better and that gives them a bad feeling. For me, I like that. It motivates me a lot. We are not worried about that!”

The bit here we love is he wants to give other teams and their fans a ‘bad feeling, particularly on Rangers’ travels.

It must also be remembered how he spoke of Rangers on his arrival, calling them a ‘big brother’ to Liege, who he clearly has a lot of affection for even if Ronny Deila ruined his time there, so Raskin isn’t just full of it.

He loved and loves Liege, but he’s quickly loving Rangers and sees us as his spiritual home from home.

And even more evidently, he’s learned very fast what Rangers are, who we are, and what it is to be one of us.

Unlike idiotic James Tavernier and one or two others who bumped their gums in the press before the Celtic matches, Raskin has instead not made promises, not made bold claims, but has shown fans he is one of us and kept his comments modest.

He reminds us very much of Rino Gattuso, in appearance, size, pace, build, style and attitude – he is very much the spiritual successor to the Italian legend and former Rangers man, but is massively superior to him for technical quality.

He has the world at his feet, and very much understands no one likes Rangers.

But everyone Rangers likes Nicolas Raskin.

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