Michael Beale tries to claim Rangers’ summer transfer budget

Michael Beale tries to claim Rangers’ summer transfer budget
Beale has confirmed he wants a trimmed squad (Credit Rangers FC)

Michael Beale has claimed he’ll have a ‘good budget for a Rangers manager’ this summer, but didn’t elaborate on which Rangers manager he had in mind to add the ‘good’ to.

The manager tried to suggest he will have healthy numbers to spend this summer, but anyone thinking that means £5M signings all over the place sadly needs to get their straight jacket back on because that is never happening again, not without big sales.

In saying that, last summer saw £4M for Davies and £6M for Ridvan, but they were the exceptions and not the rule, and were helped by the big sale of Bassey for £23M. Seeing the big fat £30M we want to spend in a window is unfortunately the stuff of fantasy now.

So what is Beale hinting at?

The truth is he’s talking his usual waffle – he doesn’t know what he’ll have – he knows what is currently projected to be the ballpark, based on current conditions, but they change in the blink of an eye (player sales being one) and in reality Michael Beale barely knows better than any of us punters what he will actually have to spend.

But he likes a bit grandeur, a bit of Dave King-esque braggard boasting and by saying it’ll be a good budget for a Rangers manager he’s giving a deeply non-specific claim that he can’t be held to.

Look at wee Dick – he spent stupid amounts (£72M), while McLeish had nothing bar what he generated himself with the same of Boumsong. Walter also spent decent money (£30M in 3 years in his second spell), but Warburton had absolutely zero, while Gerrard had a solid £11M per summer window.

So which Rangers manager does he mean? Is Beale hoping it will imply he’s got mega-millions to spend, but he can then turn around and say that’s not what he meant?

What we know is he will have money, not fortunes, but he will have cash – but to get the players we truly need requires a tonne of it, so that’s not really happening as easily as we require.

It’s why the £4M on Cantwell and Raskin look like genius investments – 9 more of them and we’re laughing. If we can get talent like that for £2M a pop then we could be onto something.

But these players are not the rule, they are the exception and we’re not sure we can rely on those bargains happening with such regular frequency.

End of the day? We need a major overhaul this summer but getting one would rely on selling players for big money to fund it. That won’t happen with Morelos or Kent, so we cannot rely on it for now.

Beale is as in the dark as the rest of us about what we can do, as opposed to what we need to do but it won’t stop him making unfounded claims anyway.

It is what it is.

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  1. Yes spot on he really needs to button it and keep his cards if he has any, close to his chest . We don’t have that kind of money and he obviously diesnt want to spook the Deason Book Sales by bei g honest . He will get one more season if he wins the league no ifs no buts .

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