Yes, Rangers coach was wrong, but Celtic-minded media love it

Yes, Rangers coach was wrong, but Celtic-minded media love it
McPherson, the man at the centre of the storm... (Credit Rangers FC)

The furore today over Craig McPherson’s ‘headbutt’ after the ending of last night’s Rangers Celtic Women’s clash is literally the most embarrassing desperation for the handwringers in our support to ‘be the better man’ and condemn one of our own to pander to green.

Rangers fans have often maligned the club or fans for throwing players under the bus, but here we are now seeing a few individuals doing the same thing on a coach, jumping quick on the Celtic-minded bandwagon to slate and cancel the guy.

Was what he did wrong? Yes, it was – but the sad day when Rangers fling our own away and cancel them for a first-time offence, brought about, btw, by the appalling celebrations from the Celtic manager Alonso which rubbed in a soul-destroying end to the match, is a truly desperate scenario which appears to reflect the modern world of ending someone for as much as blowing in the wrong direction.

It also was hardly a major assault – it was a naughty and sneaky headbutt, not a grand lynching worthy of the book being flung at him.

This is not to defend the indiscretion – it was wrong, and McPherson shouldn’t have done it, but let he who has lived without sin judge and condemn others.

The guy should be punished by the club, maybe by the league authorities, a fine, an apology, and let that be that – he should not lose his job for a moment of madness when the red mist descended and provoked him into a stupid response.

Did Celtic’s manager do anything wrong? About the same as Lennon yelling OB at our fans, or Griffiths snotting his nose on our flag – just enough to wind up the opposition while not breaking any obvious rules. But it baited McPherson who let himself down.

But sack him? Lose him his job for a dumb moment he’ll regret for the rest of his life?

No. Not on Ibrox Noise. We aren’t part of the cancel culture we see too much – it’s ridiculous to condemn a Rangers man for a moment of stupidity.

It’s supposed to be the Rangers Family, not a pack of thieves who throw members out all the time.

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  1. Totally wrong but I agree not a sacking offence or as despicable as the other lots disrespectful behaviour on many many occasions where they escaped any punishments. Another poor official led bias to incense our club.

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