Should Rangers try to re-sign Ajax defender Calvin Bassey?

Should Rangers try to re-sign Ajax defender Calvin Bassey?
Ajax Italian-born Nigerian defender Calvin Bassey smiles during a press conference at Ibrox Stadium in Glasgow on October 31, 2022, on the eve of their UEFA Champions League Group A football match against Rangers. (Photo by ANDY BUCHANAN / AFP) (Photo by ANDY BUCHANAN/AFP via Getty Images)

Ibrox Noise were in favour of the sale of Calvin Bassey – we saw him as extremely overrated, and while big and strong, utterly lacking in defensive intelligence and more noticed for correcting his own errors than actually being a good defender.

We were thrilled to get £23M for him, and for all the fans who claimed the boy was going to be an international star, sadly, we knew he fell well short of the levels needed for top football competition.

Even in Sevilla, while he was the unofficial Rangers MOTM, his rotten defending at Frankfurt’s goal plus frequent correcting of his own errors rather highlighted him in a way that made him stand out for the wrong reasons – but it still got us £23M for him.

However, while the opening gambit of this piece sounds like we’re slaughtering him, and in many ways we probably are, we’d still be very interested in re-signing him because lord knows our defence needs brute force in it.

Bassey is a dumb defender – there’s no other way around it. The club doesn’t like Niko Katic and he hates the board/management now so he’s never coming back, but we’d love a big dumb ox in there that no one can get past – the so-called human cannonball that throws his head in first and doesn’t even bother to ask questions later.

And Bassey, having an absolutely rotten time in Holland (he’s been a total disaster, out of his depth) could be the perfect solution and would surely love to come home where he belongs.

See, he’s our level, we’re his – we are years off Champions League level so forget that even this year should we qualify for it. It would just be group stage humiliation again.

But aim for Europa League and we might just have something there. Bassey is a great big dumb ox who can in fairness play a bit, and he’d be perfect to partner the airy-fairy defenders we have who might be good with the ball at their feet but have very little physicality about them.

Now, I know you’re thinking it – how do we sign a £23M defender, Ibrox Noise?

Well, Ajax take the hit on him – we offer £5M and they cut their losses and sell him back, because it’s not working for either party there. Or we get him on a massive long-term loan at a modest fee (does happen all the time) and the closer it gets to his Ajax deal expiring the better a chance of it being made permanent again.

We absolutely did the right thing selling him, and now re-acquiring him could work just as well.

One to think about.

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