Ridvan Rangers’ laughable interview but Turk is is still ready…

Ridvan Rangers’ laughable interview but Turk is is still ready…
Think RTV should go to school more than Ridvan...

We had to laugh a bit at returning Ridvan’s recent interview on RTV. Not at what the young man was saying by any manner of means, but the addition of subtitles, which seemed to suggest the powers-that-be think Rangers fans are too thick to understand a foreign accent.

For the avoidance of doubt, Ridvan was quite clear with his annunciation, speaking in fact rather good English for a fairly youthful player away from home for the first time, and those subs, while maybe useful for some of the dumb neds that blight our support and can’t understand a foreign accent, were a bit insulting for the majority of fans who can clearly suss what the kid is saying.

However, the Rangers left back, who was overlooked for Turkey’s internationals v Armenia and Croatia, seemed determined to finally make his mark on the club, having had a decent cameo 10 days ago late on in the match, albeit struggling a bit more v Motherwell on his first start in months.

Ibrox Noise was criticised for our critical assessment of the performance, given we’d not taken his journey into account. Absolutely correct. We hadn’t. It doesn’t matter – you don’t give slack to a player’s poor performance based on their journey, but you can give extra kudos if they defy a tough journey and produce an excellent performance, as Colak did v Hibs.

Ridvan isn’t there yet. He’s a young lad learning the game here, and he’s a fish out of water still, albeit one who can speak very good English unlike the shameless Alfredo Morelos who still refuses after 7 years to speak much more than basic.

But in terms of the Scottish game, his reading isn’t quick enough, his positioning is off, and while he’s attack minded, he lacks the culture Borna has to own the opposition half. In short, Ridvan is still a work in progress.

It’s a tough league to get to grips with, better players than our Turk have struggled with it, Borna himself took 14 months to finally adjust.

But of course we don’t have 14 months, do we.

Anyway, we wish Ridvan well, hopefully he gets more and more up to speed with our game and becomes the natural successor to our Croat in time.

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