Rangers fans react as Celtic demand Craig McPherson apology

Rangers fans react as Celtic demand Craig McPherson apology
McPherson, the man at the centre of the storm... (Credit Rangers FC)

We’ve actually received abuse from ‘our own’ over the whole Craig McPherson incident. One attack mocked our ‘shocking’ attitude and committed the classic ‘flip it around’ handwringing response which argued we’d have a different attitude the other way around.

And they’re absolutely right – and that’s the exact problem.

Far too many Rangers fans see something happen to our club, our people, then want to criticise us or defend others by ‘seeing another point of view’.

That is a good approach in every day life, in some senses, but when it comes to family, your team – it’s absolutely handwringing and redundant because you back your own, even if you don’t agree with them.

That is what it is to support – to defend those on your own side, even if you think it’s indefensible, because they’re your own, your family, your team, your brother or sister. That’s the point of friendship, support, family. It has limits, of course, let’s not get on a slippery slope here, but the point is clear.

So for a number of our fans to slate the man for this mistake, to absolutely hammer him and want him fired is depressing.

It’s even more depressing that Ibrox Noise actually finds ourselves siding with the clown manager himself Alonso, who just wants an apology and be that an end to it.

We find it deeply troubling that his take is more sensible than many of our own fans, with him accepting it was a stupid moment, a reckless moment, and just wants contrition from McPherson and to draw a line in the sand at that.

Some Rangers fans want the man fired, hung drawn and quartered, because he’s ‘disgraced’ the club – the same fans celebrating as Stevie G went up to the Celtic supporters at Anfield and absolutely lauded it before gesturing rudely at them.

Not a lot of consistency there, is there?

No, it does seem to be the fact no one really knows McPherson, including ourselves – and from what we gather this indiscretion was completely out of character and he’s a truly decent and quiet bloke who (normally) wouldn’t hurt a fly.

But when it’s Stevie G making signs at them and winding them up en-masse, that’s fine?

End of the day, McPherson made a mistake, and doesn’t deserve to lose everything from it.

Everyone makes errors, and that’s an end to it for us.

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  1. I think that he should send an apology to the Celtic women’s manager and I hope he does, I’m sure that there is not many of us that hasn’t done or said something in the heat of the moment that we later wish we hadn’t. Will the SFA be happy if he apologises ? I’m not sure they will but I still think he should take the first step and admit that he is sorry for his actions.

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