Continued frustration for Croatia’s Antonio Colak at Rangers

Continued frustration for Croatia’s Antonio Colak at Rangers
Rangers' German-born Croatian striker Antonio Colak takes part in a team training session at at the Rangers Training Centre in Milngavie, on October 11, 2022 on the eve of their UEFA Champions League Group D football match against Liverpool. (Photo by Andy Buchanan / AFP) (Photo by ANDY BUCHANAN/AFP via Getty Images)

Forgotten Ibrox man, well, by the manager anyway, Antonio Colak, has been speaking in the press the last couple of days, frustrated as he is by his current path.

Not only has he lost his place at Rangers to Alfredo Morelos, under the boss who doesn’t fancy him, but he’s also been speaking about how gutted he was not to be picked for the World Cup and how he found out about his omission via TV.

Regulars to Ibrox Noise will know we have no time for Zlatko Dalic and his Croatia national side – he binned Borna Barisic a long time ago, only picking him for the World Cup as cover, and only selecting him when he had no choice, regardless of how well he played.

But it was the omission of Colak which showed how crass he actually is, not even giving him a phone call of respect.

Colak was pretty unhappy with this, and said exactly the same as Ibrox Noise did:

“It was very, very frustrating to miss out. Some players were there who weren’t nearly close to the numbers I had. They didn’t even play Champions League or anything like that.”

We express the same reasoning before the squad announcement as to why Colak stood a serious chance, but instead the lesser guys were picked. And his comments here probably mean Dalic will never pick him as long as he is manager.

We’re extremely frustrated for Colak. He’s an outstanding striker and showed that up till the team fell away, up till then his numbers were second in Britain only to Erling Haaland. And he should have been going to the World Cup. He lost out on that, and now he’s lost out on his Rangers place as well.

In league and competitions that matter, Colak’s stats are superb:

22 and 3 assists in 41 for Malmo. 15 and 51 in Croatia for Rijeka in 90, and 14 and 2 for Rangers in 29.

At Ibrox he seemed to have finally hit the right place, but that’s been taken from him the past few months, a combination of injury and team form loss.

Let’s not forget, Colak has not suffered a form loss – he’s just suffering a horrible and frustrating set of unfortunate circumstances that are tying his arms behind his back.

Give him the ball and a goal to aim at, and he will score. He’s just not been given the chance to do that any more, for club or indeed country.

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