Michael Beale states Rangers will make signing announcements imminently

Michael Beale states Rangers will make signing announcements imminently
Beale is under pressure to deliver signings... (Credit Rangers FC)

Michael Beale has put his neck on the block with an explicit claim that Rangers will announce ‘one or two players’ in the coming days.

The manager spoke after yesterday’s battle at Rugby Park which saw the visitors take all three points despite a late scare, and was unable or unwilling to go into too much detail on it, but while reluctant to put a direct timeline on things, did reveal that announcements should be made in the coming days.

Now, we cannot possibly posit how many days he means, but evidently there are only 12 or so of the things left before the window shuts and we’d hope something is concrete by the end of this week.

The window is of course four weeks in length, but there’s no question Rangers fans’ patience is wearing thin, having had around three of those weeks thus far and no action in or out of Ibrox.

And sadly, this echoes worryingly of the panic-ridden end to last year’s window which saw Amad Diallo and Aaron Ramsey arrive in fanfare, but with little thought given to the signatures in depth and the signings made simply for the names and ability to appease fans.

It’s all a bit belated, and hasn’t given Michael Beale as much time to actually work with the new player as he would want. The earlier they’re in, the quicker they integrate with the group and with a bit of luck settle a bit better.

As it is, no one has gone, and no one has come in, and it’s extremely static, so Rangers supporters just have to trust Beale’s word that there’s an announcement or two to be made in the coming days, which we’d imagine means by the weekend early into next week.

Todd Cantwell? Well he’s considering offers, but not just ours, while there’s Morgan Whittaker and one or two others on the radar too, such as Noah Sadiki.

But right now, there’s very little for fans to get excited about and it’s worth bearing in mind despite the positive spin Beale puts on things, even he will be frustrated that we’re this far into the window without any movement.

Still, there’s time…

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  1. I do think Beale will have more of an input on who’s coming in, unlike Gio I think.
    I’m more optimistic about the signings now as I think the manager has a good eye for this and won’t feel pressured or told just to get bodies in…

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