Michael Beale claims Rangers are in negotations with three players

Michael Beale claims Rangers are in negotations with three players
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - JANUARY 02: Rangers Head Coach / Manager, Michael Beale looks on prior to during the Cinch Scottish Premiership match between Rangers FC and Celtic FC at on January 02, 2023 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Mark Runnacles/Getty Images)

We urge major caution with this report, given Rangers manager Michael Beale’s propensity towards verbal diarrhoea, but nevertheless the boss claims he’s (or ‘we’ve) spoken to ‘two or three players’ who are apparently ‘very keen’ to come to Rangers.

If we are to take this at face value, then Rangers have spoken to a few pre-contracts or Bosman players, players out of a deal in the summer and allowed to speak to new clubs, or already currently available and keen on a new gig.

Also if we explore Beale’s comments:

“I’m a little bit fussy. It’s alright doing something on Zoom, I want to sit in front of a player and look in his eyes. My schedule has been pretty packed out up until the game on Monday. This week has been spent meeting people face to face and getting a feel for them, telling them exactly what I want, not the other way round. What I am expecting from them.”

This is a bit worrying as well… he’s suggesting these are desperate players, keenly seeking a new club and will kowtow to whatever Rangers want. That they don’t get any say or ‘negotiation’ regarding the club, which is not exactly ideal.

It is true, Rangers are far bigger than one man, but the tone from Beale, which tries to big himself up in all fairness, just manages instead to demonstrate that the players he’s talking to aren’t in major demand and have little bargaining power.

Look instead at Ryan Kent and Alfredo Morelos. Love or hate their contract situations, they believe they have negotiating power and that Rangers need them more than vice versa. Rangers should want players who are desirable, not desperate.

We don’t really know what we expect from this window, but our expectations are generally pretty limited.

One of our regulars on the site/page made a tongue in cheek comment that he expects Beale to go full cockney Del Boy at some point, this time next year we’ll be millionaires.

We do wonder what piffle the manager will conceive of next, but as long as we win it doesn’t really matter, does it?

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  1. As long as one of them is not Lyndon Dykes he is nothing but a big lump of wood he is under contract with QPR until 2024 so hopefully this will not happen.

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