Shock Ross Wilson statement will have Rangers fans bewildered

Shock Ross Wilson statement will have Rangers fans bewildered
He's gone, but what is his legacy?

Today’s wide-ranging discussion with Rangers’ Director of Football Ross Wilson continues with questions over his performance as DoF. And Wilson is adamant he has delivered on what he was told to, in eye-popping claims Rangers fans may object to.

He said:

“Certainly from my perspective I know the mandate I was given on the day I walked in the door here and I am absolutely sure I have delivered on my part of the mandate so far.”

So pretty categorical – but also very carefully-worded, Wilson is saying he has done what he was told to do by Rangers’ board, not that the signing policy or squad is great.

In a very sneakily-delivered comment, instead of defending the squad quality or signing policy in Govan, Wilson is telling us he’s done what he was told to do, that he has ‘delivered on my part of the mandate’.

Which means Wilson is claiming he’s done the job he’s paid to do, and anything in terms of problems or downsides of the club and squad and management are not related to his role at Ibrox.

It’s a way of passing the buck, of taking responsibility out of his own hands and suggesting his job performance has been great and the faults we see are not down to Ross Wilson. Is he accurate? Have we just misunderstood the role of Rangers’ DoF all this time?

Did Giovanni van Bronckhorst really make the majority of the signings during his time at Ibrox?

Or is Ross Wilson just a bit deluded in thinking Rangers’ squad quality now is as good as if not better than it was a year ago?

In fairness, the accounts are better, no denying that, but that isn’t his mandate – because he’s not on the board of directors of the holding company, just the football side, so we’re not really sure what point he’s arguing.

End of the day, Ross Wilson is satisfied with his own performance at Ibrox, and we can safely say he’s stubbornly certain of this and is completely content with how his role is going in Govan.

Many Rangers fans aren’t so certain…

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  1. Make no mistakes this man and the board will be openly quizzed by the AGM . There are too many hidden agendas , arse covering and false positive claims going on. Wilson is looking after Wilson. He in my opinion has delivered poor outcomes and if that’s from above I.e. The Board then they should fall on their sword along with him and GVB. Nobody’s bigger than the club.

  2. He is one of the worst things to happen to gers, signings have been poor at best and absolutely garbage at worse been a total failure.

  3. So basically 💩 slides downhill , what about him being a master negotiator , especially convincing Alfie & Kent to resign or is that the boards problem aswell ..he’s a Chivato puta as they say in South America

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