Ryan Porteous talk sees ‘short memories’ from some Rangers fans

Ryan Porteous talk sees ‘short memories’ from some Rangers fans
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - OCTOBER 08: Ryan Porteous of Scotland warms up ahead of the UEFA EURO 2020 Play-Off semi-finals match between Scotland and Israel at Hampden Park on October 08, 2020 in Glasgow, Scotland. Football Stadiums around Europe remain empty due to the Coronavirus Pandemic as Government social distancing laws prohibit fans inside venues resulting in fixtures being played behind closed doors. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

More and more these days some Rangers fans are using the term ‘short memories’ to dismiss anything they don’t like, as if they hold a monopoly over consistency in opinions.

A few have responded to the apparent interest in Ryan Porteous by suggesting some fans have ‘short memories’ with regards to the past indiscretions of the Hibernian defender. It’s true that he’s done some ugly things, and his personality could use a spot of work for sure, but we’re equally certain the same fans didn’t object to Rangers signing Paul Gascoigne, whose own past had blemishes to say the least.

So-called ‘short memories’ are irrelevant – what matters in the here and now is what’s best for Rangers FC – in 1994 it was signing Gazza, and today it could be Ryan Porteous, if Ross Wilson and Michael Beale deem it a move they want.

Every time we see ‘short memories’ being wheeled out, it’s just a way for a fan to reject something they personally dislike.

It was even wheeled out for the manager himself, with regards how he left Rangers the first time alongside former manager Steven Gerrard. We completely disagree, and don’t care, about ‘short memories’.

We do care, entirely, about Rangers FC, and we couldn’t actually care less what Porteous is alleged to have done, equally we don’t care about Michael Beale’s comments about QPR before he then did the dirty on them.

What we care about is our results, our performances, and what it means for Rangers to be winning again.

We have no interest in memories, short or long, as a way to attack a potential decision the club might be making – if you don’t agree with a decision, that’s your right, and we’re not going to censor you for it.

But we will call it out, and point out what is best for Rangers is what matters, and what should matter.

Many of you won’t stop using the terms you like to express yourselves, and that is completely your right to do. But we will highlight the hypocrisy in people who’ve defended Alfredo Morelos’ actions in the past, and he’s hardly been purer than the driven snow let’s face it, now criticising Porteous’ actions as a reason not to sign him.

Sure, if we don’t sign him we’re all free to hate him again, but if he does come, he becomes one of us, and if you aren’t interested in getting behind him, or any other future signing, you’re no Ranger.

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  1. If this was to come off I’d be absolutely delighted. Just the sort of player the teams been crying out for. We need to get over ourselves, for goodness sake signing Mo Johnston was the most controversial signing ever made and look the impact he had. The lads good enough for us that’s good enough for me.

  2. Porteous is probably this best young CH in Scotland . Surely we of course would wish to have him . Yes from me he has real potential , but I fear he seeks another destination .

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