Rangers’ board is going nowhere – Ibrox fans just have to suck it up

Rangers’ board is going nowhere – Ibrox fans just have to suck it up
The board at the AGM....

With the board all re-elected and every resolution the current crop sought endorsed by the shareholders, the only way Rangers fans will be replacing the present regime is with a takeover, and one with serious money, gravity and credibility to do the job simply doesn’t exist.

Short answer: we’re stuck with them for good.

Douglas Park is going nowhere, and that applies to his son, and most likely Director of Football Ross Wilson as well, albeit he’s on the Rangers football board and not the company. James Bisgrove is one we’ve heard whispers about moving on, and indeed he didn’t actually deny it when Henry asked him at the AGM, but he’s one we’d absolutely keep – he’s been a force for good, even if a couple of his initiatives have been very short-sighted.

But in general, Dave King and Club1872 lost. It’s that simple. They voted very loudly and publicly against Park on Rangers’ board in particular, but didn’t have the numbers to sustain their opposition, so King and co now found himself in the opposite end to where he was in 2015, the minority.

It doesn’t matter that Rangers fans aren’t fans of the board – the voice of supporters simply isn’t loud enough – not enough have shares in the club to influence a vote. And while the vote breakdown of the AGM election are yet to be released, until the day the fans buy enough shares that they can influence who’s on the club’s board, all they can do is whine.

We must admit, the audience at the AGM was not reflective of the reaction we see on social media – and the audience at the AGM are the people who have put money into our club, both fans and funds, so their voice carries more weight.

And the audience, while some did ask testing questions, was actually generally pretty receptive to the board and willing to listen, not to mention actually applauding the directors in the first place, the biggest cheer going to Michael Beale of course.

Whereas if you believe what social media tells you, 100% of all Rangers fans loathe the board and want them gone.

Until those on social media put their money where their mouths are, or a Blue Knight in shining armour with a bottomless pit of cash shows up, this current board is pretty much there for the foreseeable future.

We just have to suck it up.

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