Mystery over new Rangers contract after ‘not Scottish’ claim by Beale

Mystery over new Rangers contract after ‘not Scottish’ claim by Beale
Rangers manager Michael Beale making the announcement...

There’s a spot of confusion tonight over Rangers’ new contract for a senior player, after a national red top made an unsubstantiated claim that Michael Beale explained the player in question ‘isn’t Scottish’.

The red top reported this yesterday, but attributed it to Beale’s press conference, where no other outlet in the UK nor any of the material from said Rangers press conference can verify the statement.

The paper, well-known for being a tad unreliable, claimed that Beale had been ‘asked if the player was Scottish’ (itself a very weird question) and that the Ibrox manager had replied, ‘no, that’s another clue for you lads’.

Now, the senior Rangers players out of contract who are Scottish are Ryan Jack, Scott Arfield, and Allan McGregor, but there’s also been no concrete evidence the new contract is actually for any Rangers player whose deal is expiring.

Beale, allegedly, is reported to have said the new deal isn’t for Ryan Kent either, but we can’t back that one up either.

The question itself being asked if he’s Scottish alone is utterly odd, frankly, and the one big catch, as we alluded before to, is it might actually not be a player whose deal is expiring, so that opens it up as being a new contract for someone for good performances, such as John Lundstram.

Or Ianis Hagi, having lost the best part of a year plus through injury.

We can’t see it being Filip Helander.

It’s all just guessing games, albeit some sources have claimed it’s Alfredo Morelos, and the Colombian striker has literally shocked the earth by signing the new deal.

We’re not going to pretend we know, and it may after all turn out to be Ryan Jack indeed, but the whole thing got murky after these latest claims.

Do we trust the quote from said red top? No, not really, but then, the question itself they claimed was asked at the presser was utterly odd, and wouldn’t have helped to unearth the identity of the Rangers players getting the extension.

It’s safe to say by this time tomorrow night we’re likely to actually have an answer to this one…

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