Two shocking Rangers revelations surface amid Gio’s sacking

Two shocking Rangers revelations surface amid Gio’s sacking
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - FEBRUARY 24: Rangers manager Giovanni van Bronckhorst is seen during the UEFA Europa League Knockout Round Play-Offs Leg Two match between Rangers FC and Borussia Dortmund at Ibrox Stadium on February 24, 2022 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

The fallout from Giovanni van Bronckhorst’s Rangers sacking continues with two revelations about his time in Govan, and neither of them are good.

First of all, sources close to GVB claim he was gutted and undermined by the board’s decision to host Michael Beale at the Aberdeen match. Rangers won comfortably but the ex-boss believes it was an omen of intent from the suits, and he felt he extremely disappointed to see the man as a guest of the club, considering it something of a mild insult.

Secondly, with Jordan Campbell’s claims about insurrection from senior players still smarting, it’s beginning to look like the injury ‘crisis’ was a complete fraud, and the bulk of the players were simply avoiding the club and manager, by exaggerating injury issues in order to get out of playing.

The first one is bad enough, to think that the board deliberately and systematically invited a former Rangers coach up, a coach who was being linked with the job in event of Gio being fired, but the second one makes many of the players look even worse than they already do.

There is no doubt the injury blight was uncommon and barely plausible, and many theories online suggested this might be major attitude issues and exaggeration. If Campbell is right about the summer’s insurrection, then this theory may hold some water with certain players just not playing ball under the-now former regime.

As for Beale, well, with the club now heavily invested it seems in bringing Beale to Ibrox, we must admit his presence at the club was clearly exactly the same as Gerrard’s all those years ago just before he was appointed.

It was certainly underhand, and didn’t exactly look good for the existing manager, who was dealing, it seems, with senior players not respecting him and half the squad faking injuries to get out of playing.

So, Tuesday night and the fallout continues from Rangers sacking Giovanni van Bronckhorst.

We can expect this one to run for a long time yet, with an inescapable feeling Gio was treated absolutely terribly at Rangers by both the board and his squad.


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  1. It has a putrid smell throughout, it’s like a scene from Julius Cesar all rounding and stabbing on GVB with the board (the senate) overseeing. Its not how Rangers used to behave its not who we really are , or is it now?? . Those who are guilty need to be jettisoned now, no more minutes no more exposure they do not represent me or my beloved Rangers . Shut them out. Get proper medical people in to identify the cheats and fine and punish them . Change the board, bring in fresh ideas. Put a couple of smart people from the fan base on the board . Get some more stable clean investment in the club . Open our club up to more people by getting rid of ancient bigotry , we are really hated in our own country yet the other mobs bigotry and poisoning is worse , but we are the bad guys . WE Are the People aren’t we

  2. I suspected players were calling off too easily way back when we had massive games coming up with the old firm game and EUL SEMI, roofe called off when just back with a “knee knock ” kamara more recently ,hellander (need i say any more on him ? ) and of course our personal favourite …..ahh el buffalo ! injured legitimately ,however made next to zero effort to come back and help his beleaguered and suffering manager .
    Well done guys ,you and the other non triers are a fucking DISGRACE and i hope you never pull on a blue jersey again.
    It will personally turn my stomach if the usual suspects start playing out their skin under a new coach ,will not surprise me if they get cheered to the rafters by some mind you …..fickle old game .

  3. We need go get rid of entire board room , 10 years of hell now 20 years back again .The club is a shambles . I’m embarrassed to support them.

  4. Kemar Roofe is one of them. Went to Turkey in June for a hair transplant and you cannot head a football for at least 3 months but I would say slightly longer in my own experience as the head is really tender for weeks then tender when the new hair starts to come through. He could not possibly have done pre season anyway.

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