Three Rangers players have gone completely silent

Three Rangers players have gone completely silent
Rangers' English striker Kemar Roofe (L) and Rangers' Finnish midfielder Glen Kamara (R) take part in a team training session at at the Rangers Training Centre in Milngavie, on October 11, 2022 on the eve of their UEFA Champions League Group D football match against Liverpool. (Photo by Andy Buchanan / AFP) (Photo by ANDY BUCHANAN/AFP via Getty Images)

Certain Rangers players have made it clear their time at Ibrox is done not by what they’ve said in the press, but in fact the lack of saying anything at all.

Ryan Kent, Alfredo Morelos and Glen Kamara especially have completely avoided all press conferences or interviews as Rangers players, with the last one with any of them taking place in May this year by Ryan Kent in lieu of Sevilla.

Aside that little nugget, he nor either of the other two apparent ‘wantaways’ have said a single word to the press or Rangers’ in-house version RTV, with the only pieces of info coming from international press conferences where occasional journos would ask about their future, and of course Kamara took that chance on a recent international break to admit he did want a new chapter in his life without outright pushing for it.

But aside that, none of them speak as Rangers employees, and they avoid the press like the plague.

Indeed, any player heavily linked with exits from Rangers generally don’t speak to the press at all, with Kemar Roofe another one to avoid engagement most of this year ever since his summer links with leaving the club.

Injured players, obviously, don’t really count, with the exception of Ianis Hagi who has started to speak about his situation the more and closer he’s getting to a return, but don’t expect to hear too much from the likes of Filip Helander or John Souttar.

It’s the fit ones though, the ones linked with those exits who avoid the press completely, not even having interest in denying the stories – the only counter to this was Connor Goldson who did address his contract many many months ago by pretending he didn’t pay attention to that stuff and hadn’t spoken to his agent in weeks.

Otherwise? Not a peep from Kent, Kamara or Morelos on any level aside occasional international, and certainly not while representing the club.

It tells you all you need to know about their commitment. Instead, the pressers especially are all Tavernier, Arfield, Wright and John Lundstram to name just four, players who are all clearly committed to the club and will present themselves to the press as and when needed. Tavernier has definitely improved on his engagement levels lately, but he was never being linked out.

No, Kent, Kamara and Morelos most definitely are and we’d be staggered if we ever hear from them again as Rangers players.

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  1. Souttar is an absolute joke, getting paid a Kings ransom for absolute fuck all, whoever said he was good enough to play for Rangers needs a ******

    EDIT: Seb, your language isn’t acceptable and you’re on watch. Kindly improve your tone or you won’t be getting approved again.

  2. In my opinion this issue give a look at the atmosphere within the club as a whole, there will always be players wanting to leave a club after a period of time but the attitude of the individuals mentioned in the article shows total lack of respect to supporters, team-mates and management.
    There is no leadership at any level within the club and that is showing through on both on/off field performances, this needs to be addressed or we are going to be spending years back in the wilderness

    • Hi Gary, well aware of that ‘interview’ – he was contractually obliged as MOTM (had no choice), and that’s the first time he’s spoken since May. Unlike press conferences, it was in-house and only a reaction video. Quoting his words in this one would be little more than a fan video in which he stopped to say hi.

  3. Good riddance particularly Kent, one trick pony, doesn’t track back, his stats are shocking, they aren’t as good as they think.

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