The problem for Rangers is there appears to be no Plan B

The problem for Rangers is there appears to be no Plan B
What chance did he have?

So, will Gio be given time to turn it around, or will we begin the hunt for a new manager, and hope that we can get someone new in place during the World Cup break.

Well it’s now up to the board to decide what happens next.

And I’m putting my hand up and admitting I don’t know what has happened inside Ibrox, but one thing that just might weigh heavily on the coming decision is Gio’s insistence that there was no money for new recruits.

Why do I think that?

Well, I think there was some money on the table for Gio, but there were two problems. The first is the amount on offer was not enough to purchase a world class player, and the second is Gio is not a coach. He does not do holding players hands, and training second tier players to become better players.

As I said last week, Gio is just a manager. If you give him the same budget as Liverpool, then he will give you a team that can win the Premier League. He does not train players. They have to come into the team already the finished article.

Which means, if you give him the same budget as Celtic, then it’s a toss-up if he wins. If we are being Celtic in money, Gio will argue we have no chance to beat them.

See, the problem is the budget range Rangers live in is just not to the liking of Gio, and probably the same could be said for our previous manager Gerrard.

Players at the five million level are just not good enough, in Gio’s eyes to compete at the highest levels. So, I think Gio’s comments about absolutely no money being available just might be read with a huge pinch of salt.

I honestly think Gio was asking the board for someone in the order of 20 to 50 million, and that was something Rangers just could not afford to do, and Gio clearly is not interested in any player who is valued at below 10 million, because he has already publicly said the entire team we already have is just not good enough.

Again, I might be reading this wrong, but if there was an argument in Ibrox over who to bring in, and Gio last week was publicly blaming the board “for not backing him”, when the board was OK with bringing in two or three lower price, reasonably good players, then I think the board might not be happy with Gio.

As we have said many times before, the SPFL is not for everyone, and many top players have found they don’t look as good here as they did back home.

I think Gio’s place is probably secure until the coming break. Being blunt there is no Plan B at the moment.….

And there is one other thing to note. When Gerrard’s team came in we were down, really down, and we could all see there was major progress being made.

In contrast, Gio’s team came in when we were already flying high, and we are all seeing the performances drop. Gio’s job was just to keep the team flying, and give them confidence. Instead he said our team was bad.

We wait to see what happens.

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