Some Rangers fans’ reaction to Gio sacking has been disappointing

Some Rangers fans’ reaction to Gio sacking has been disappointing
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - NOVEMBER 09: Giovanni van Bronckhorst, manager of Rangers during the Cinch Scottish Premiership match between Rangers FC and Heart of Midlothian at on November 09, 2022 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Mark Runnacles/Getty Images)

The smiling assassins are now out, certain Rangers fans coming out with their self-righteous ‘I never wanted Gio and knew he was the wrong choice’ nonsense, ‘supporters’ smug with themselves and genuinely happy a good man has lost his job so they can spew their hate online and tell the world how ‘right’ they were.

The same hypocrites who celebrated Sevilla like Gio was a God, who praised him to the rafters for the first Scottish cup in over a decade, gave him legendary status for getting us to the UCL, the same ones who 7 months ago ‘knew’ he was the right man for the job and they’d always wanted him, a true Rangers man.

We’re seeing such agonising hypocrisy from so many supporters, who appear to more want to be seen as ‘right’ than wanting what is best for the club.

Our stance on Ibrox Noise over Gio never wavered – we wanted him, we were sure he was the right choice, and while the league got away from us via a side who had no European football to distract them with, Sevilla, UCL and the cup were massive deals which vindicated Gio’s merits.

But he wasn’t backed in the transfer window, didn’t make any of his own signings, and it appears senior players have let him down by deliberately dropping the ball, according to Jordan Campbell.

So Giovanni was on a hiding to nothing, and he was hindered further by a spate of constant injuries (or were they, more on that later) which tied his hands with wireties frankly – meaning he couldn’t do his job this season.

And yet these know-it-alls in our support, the same ones in tears of joy at us going to Sevilla and winning the cup at last, are now telling us all they ‘knew’ Gio was the wrong choice and is a rotten manager?

Don’t get us wrong, we know managerially-speaking Gio did make errors with tactics and selections, but most of them were this season based on what we now seemingly know is senior players effectively downing tools on him and not playing for him.

Last season, Alfredo Morelos-less Old Firm loss aside, Gio’s Rangers really didn’t do that much wrong at all.

But everything his-now detractors can beat him with a stick on, they are. With more than a hint of glee.

So what do they support? Rangers? Or their own ‘ego’ in being ‘right’? It seems like anyone claiming to be a fan while slagging GVB off as unworthy and unacceptable where they celebrated Seville, UCL qualification and the cup while praising his brilliance is the kind of ‘supporter’ Rangers could do without.

And you can quote us on that.

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  1. Mr Campbells suggestions are more than plausible, you can see it every game and it’s the same for GVBs staff . Do you really think a young fit Roy Makaay would tolerate Morelos, no way . It show throwout the tea. GVB has an excellent football pedigree but he has been hindered by this downing of tools , injuries wether real or not but especially by the signing policy and lack of. I was happy to have him as our coach and he proved that last season , the league was lost because of Gerrard departure and the Europa campaign . Ithink Mr Campbells claims hold more than just a little truth. Those who disrespected GVB as you say are not Real Rangers People. We don’t do that to our own unlike the other mob .

  2. The people who wanted rid of Gio are total hypocrites most of who are millenniums who never went through the lean years of the 80s when Rangers were nowhere in the title race for years when Aberdeen and to a lesser extent Dundee Utd dominated. The.clamour to get rid of Gio was scandalous and having looked at websites and listened to phone ins the vitriolic abuse given to the man is nothing sort of scandalous. and so called Rangers supporters should hang their heads in shame. Gio had a ridiculous injury list and if rumours are to believed a group of scandalous players who didn’t try for him. The board also hung him.out to dry. Whoever the new manager is get behind him and when things get a little bit rocky stand by him and stop acting like imbeciles.

  3. Hopefully, the new manager will weed out those imposters who downed tools, they deserve nothing other than total contempt. Yes, there were questions about Gio’s football playing style, latterly, and the results were very poor but most of us did, initially, want him as manager and are truly sorry and disappointed that things did not work out for him and us. He did not become a bad manager overnight and there were obviousy things going on behind the scenes, quite apart from the inept running of the club and the beyond dreadful recruitment. The number of injuries, largely involving the usual suspects; the sluggish, half hearted, play from our supposed top performers suggested that there were other factors involved other than just the manager. I feel that, ultimately, the correct decision was made but it should never be forgotten that Gio gave us some wonderful nights as supporters, last season, and he was a superb ambassador for Rangers, always acting with a high degree of integrity, charm and professionalism. Sadly, it didn’t work out but other, guilty parties, should hang their heads in shame. Good luck, for the future, Gio.

  4. Unfortunately once the players shockingly decide to “down tools ” the manager pays the price ,as we have seen recently with villa losing one week then running riot the next .It was OBVIOUS ,however it is far easier for the board to get rid of coaching team than a WHOLE team .
    Best of luck in future gio ,i suspect the guy was just too nice in the end ,Experienced manager who rules with a rod of iron next please …..

  5. If Gio was given time and money he would have built a good side. If the board don’t back the manager and give him time it’s a lost cause. Just look at Arsenal gave the manager time backed him even though many fans wanted him gone and from bottom of the league to top. Only Dutch manager I can think of who never signed a Dutch player even when the rumours were he was after a few. The truth of what happened with the signing of some of those players will never come to light. Just hope the new manager can sign players he wants and not Cheaper alternatives Souter, Davis,Arfield.

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