Some Rangers fans are divided on Michael Beale as next manager

Some Rangers fans are divided on Michael Beale as next manager
NORWICH, ENGLAND - NOVEMBER 02: Michael Beale, Manager of Queens Park Rangers applauds fans after the Sky Bet Championship between Norwich City and Queens Park Rangers at Carrow Road on November 02, 2022 in Norwich, England. (Photo by Stephen Pond/Getty Images)

Would Michael Beale be the right choice for Rangers to make as new manager? The-now QPR boss is hot overwhelming favourite to be made the next Rangers chief, having of course been at Ibrox for almost four years as assistant.

There are many doubters among the Rangers support as to whether Beale would be the correct choice, with many in fact absolutely certain it’s a mistake. In fairness, all candidates at this point are divisive with fans split on who they want, so whoever does get the job has a lot of work to do to win their critics over.

But Beale?

Our biggest case for him is he knows the club and league better than anyone else outside of the last two managers, and his appointment would remind us very much of Walter Smith, who was the real manager underneath Graeme Souness, seamlessly taking over in 1991 and taking us onto greater glory.

Of course, times are different today, but Beale was the architect underneath Steven Gerrard, and Gerrard’s wheels fell dreadfully off once he’d lost his right-hand man in Birmingham. Beale was 100% responsible for our tactics, selections, and training, and he was the one who masterminded all the success.

Gerrard was the face, the icon, the name that the players were attracted to, but it was Beale they actually worked under. Once Beale was gone from Villa, Gerrard sunk without trace and was quickly fired.

And his start at QPR had been electric until Wolves came in, distracting him and the players, and while he said no, the distraction was now there, and results tumbled.

So why does this make him the right man? Well, we’re not sure there’s ever a ‘right’ man to take over at any club – there’s a popular choice, there’s fan-favourites, but very rarely is there ever destiny. Couple of years ago Gerrard was ‘destined’ to be Liverpool manager but that dream was well and truly shattered by reality and he’ll be lucky to get a job again.

But Beale is probably the wisest choice due to how much he already knows our squad, how much budget he’ll have to work with, how strong his Rangers was in Europe, and how much he knows the league.

The biggest case many make against Beale is that if he was the ‘real’ manager under Gerrard, how come we only won a single trophy? And the answer to that is simple – it took Beale two years to figure our league out. Simple as. It took him till 2020 to suss the division, and build a team around one man, Joe Aribo, which could handle the league.

Unfortunately the summer preceding Malmo no money was spent, and the side started to tumble.

It was still Beale’s Rangers which actually went even further under Gio, going to Seville and getting the cup, but that was dismantled this summer and is now a shell.

But many of the players he coached are still there, and there’s no manager in world football right now who knows the SPL and our club better than Beale does.

Is he the best choice? We’re not sure there is such a thing, but we would say of all the options, he’s the one we’re probably safest with.

He will get our full backing if he’s made manager.

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  1. Another positive for Beale is that he is willing to work with Wilson and he knows what to expect from Wilson, if Wilson is indeed bringing the players in then Beale seems ok with this because he has the ability to train, mentor and improve the talented players that come in, It doesn’t look like Wilson is going anywhere so it is absolutely key that the incoming manager can work with Wilson and is willing to work with Wilson.

  2. In my opinion he is a future Rangers manager but not at this time. See how he progresses at QPR whi have hit a wobble lately. I feel right now we need a manager who has experience and is a discipilarian who will deal with and weed out the non triers and deadwood and who through his contacts will attract quality players. Of the candidates mentioned Dyche fits the bill not sure he will come as he sees his future in England. Ask the question of Rafa Benitez or Thomas Tuchel they will probably say no but show some ambition and ask them you just never know.

  3. My only issue with beale coming in is he left in the middle of the night with Gerrard and never gave us a 2nd thought when villa came calling whos to say he won’t do it again when another English team comes calling for him ano he rejected wolves but a think most ppl would have the way there playing the now but if he’s offered the job then al be 110% behind the man RTID

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