Shock Gio announcement will absolutely stun Rangers fans

Shock Gio announcement will absolutely stun Rangers fans
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - SEPTEMBER 17: Giovanni van Bronckhorst, manager of Rangers look on during the Cinch Scottish Premiership match between Rangers FC and Dundee United at on September 17, 2022 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Mark Runnacles/Getty Images)

Giovanni van Bronckhorst has categorically denied Rangers made £40M (or indeed any other figure) in recent times and have not in any way ‘struck gold’ to sign players.

The manager, speaking after the final and painful loss to Ajax to mark this horrific UCL campaign’s end, stated that he’s seen papers making claims that we earned £40M etc, and he has said it’s simply not true.

Of course, this overlooks the other £4.5M for Gerrard, £16M for Patterson, the £30M Stewart Robertson boasted about for the Europa League, the £10M for Joe Aribo, and the £23M for Calvin Bassey – and contradicts that by basically saying the club has nothing.

It makes no sense – we know big money came in, but Gio is absolutely stringently denying any of it to be true, and tells us in no uncertain terms we have essentially no money to sign anyone.

Either he is patently lying, or something inexplicable happened to all the revenue coming in, revenue which measures at least £100M in 11 months if we’re being conservative about it, including UCL cash, and means it’s all gone.

But Gio seems to be telling us the reports are false, that the accountancy is false, that we are still in deficit?

It makes absolutely little coherent sense, and we’re very puzzled.

Gio has never struck us as a liar, and while he is often frequently cryptic with his press soundbites, he’s been more transparent the past few months, saying exactly what he thinks and being a lot more direct.

So to tell us there’s no money at all is… baffling.

Where on earth did the £100M go? We know it happened, we didn’t dream those player sales nor did we imagine getting to Seville. We didn’t hallucinate Stewart Robertson boasting about making around £30M from the UEL campaign. So, we ask again, what’s happened to this cash?

But then, Gio is actively denying it was even made, so what gives here? Is there an agenda to what he is saying, or are we completely misunderstanding what he’s getting at?

Count us more than a spot confused.

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  1. The question that I think needs to be asked is how much do we owe in soft loans over the last 5 years? That leads to has the money been used to pay these?

  2. We didn’t get £16m for Patterson, it was £12m. You don’t get the £12m up front, it’s in installments of 40% then 30% & 30%. So we would of got £4.8m up front.
    Same for the other players we sold.
    The Europa League money is nowhere near £30m. Frankfurt said they made €23m from the tournament, so we would have made €19m. You also need to add in the cost to the club, player bonuses etc.
    I would trust what Gio says

  3. If your starting position is in the red you can still be in the red if the revenue still is insufficient to totally overcome that deficit.

  4. Even if we had spent 40 million in the summer and had a full squad without injuries the very best we could have hoped for is 4 points from section .
    We just do not belong at this level ,if we ever did tbh ,the league we play in is not good enough ,and horsing the likes of sheep and hearts tells you NOTHING .
    It has been suggested on here that this is worst results ever ….really ??? are we forgetting the 8 nil home and away v ajax under sir walter ? the 8 -1 on agg v juventus ? .Walter got wise and started to play defensivley in europe and was called anti football ,then played the same to get to uefa cup final .Being the very smart guy he was ,he realised our league and footbal was miles away and played to frustrate the much superior opposition and grinding out 1 nil wins /penalty shoot outs .
    We had NO CHANCE last night with depleted squad and playing a genuine big gun of europe.
    As you say back to basics playing here and the best we can hope for is competing in EUL or even conference .
    The Mismangement from the top down and tearing up of a decent team and constant issues with injuries still has to be sorted also ,shambles all round tbh .

  5. Surely heavy financial losses for the past 9yrs need to be taken into account.
    Some reports estimating it to accumulate to £100m+. This could give some balance to the article and maybe support GVB’s assessment on our current finances. Not all our directors are benevolent benefactors.

  6. None of our directors are benevolent benefactors, some did however buy the shares and lend the club no interest loans which was appreciated of course. Once we have all of the facts it’ll hopefully dispell the bad rumours, it won’t however buy us the improvements to the squad we desperately need and a new manager with a plan to win the league

  7. Whichever way the money was handled the question remains if soft loans were repaid (plus interest?) And other monies allocated was directed to areas outwith the playing side. The silence on the finance issue needs to be addressed urgently to placate suspicions by fans that all may not be what it appears to be. There is but one avenue open to the Board and that is to call for an extraordinary general meeting to commence at the earliest opportunity to allay fears that Rangers are secure and management is operating satisfactorily. SO to must be a declaration that any interest exists regarding outside finance is made directly to the support and not through outside media as presently appears to be the case.

  8. Extraordinary general meeting NOW! Let the fans know the truth – media reports are not acceptable in place of what the REAL situation is in what appears to be a blanket of silence.

  9. The silence from the Fans Group 1972 is deafening. They should have made a public statement, way before this. Now if this lot don’t know what is happening then they should do the honourable thing and hang up their pens & pencils as their loyalty lies elsewhere and allow fans who care in the front door.
    Then again it would depend the T&C they accepted when they joined the board. It could very well be that they are not permitted to make public announcements without the board’s approval. If this is the case why would you allow yourself self respect to be diminished.
    When you represent a body of people do the decent thing BE HONEST WITH THEM, not a PUPPET ON A STRING

  10. So where has £100+ gone , a take it the ones who loaned the club money have all bin payed back then .
    Think the board have some answers to come up with . Or are we going back into financial crisis again .
    Very strange .

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