Respected journalist makes major accusation against GVB and Rangers players

Respected journalist makes major accusation against GVB and Rangers players
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - NOVEMBER 09: Giovanni van Bronckhorst, manager of Rangers gestures on the side line during the Cinch Scottish Premiership match between Rangers FC and Heart of Midlothian at on November 09, 2022 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Mark Runnacles/Getty Images)

The Athletic has today made its second major allegation in two weeks with regards to Rangers, and if the response to this one is like the last one, they are probably onto something.

Recently, Jordan Campbell made a strong claim of a fallout between Glen Kamara and former manager Giovanni van Bronckhorst at half time in Paisley. The Finn did not come out for the second half.

On learning of this allegation, Kamara ran to Aamar Anwar, his solicitor, and produced a weak defence, the attorney only saying his client’s ‘position’ was this claim wasn’t true. There was no suggestion of legal action, which a slanderous accusation would surely merit.

And today?

The same journalist has made a huge claim again, this time against Giovanni himself, alleging there was a big fall out in Portugal at preseason, the upshot of which saw backchat against the manager’s demands, the claim being made the same insurrection would not have taken place against former manager Steven Gerrard.

Consequently today’s allegation is Rangers’ senior players lost all respect for GVB that day and haven’t been playing for him the entire season as a result.

Campbell is making a very, very big accusation – he is telling us that from multiple sources that he says he has, that this is true – that senior players downed tools before the season even began, and the general lack of hunger, grit and effort was down to their contempt for the boss.

There are no names being mentioned, but with submissive performances the general trend most of the season, it was plain to see a lot of players were not delivering for the team at all, that whatever the cause had been, the claim a clique of senior players ‘chucked’ it entirely because they didn’t have any respect for GVB is not wildly unbelievable.

We admit Gio didn’t command respect the way Gerrard did – we’re the first to admit the latter has an aura Gio simply doesn’t have. We don’t totally disbelieve this claim, and Kamara’s watery response to the allegation against him does suggest Campbell’s latest allegation may hold some water.

But it’s he said she said at the end of the day.

It’s up to you, the reader and the Rangers fan, if you choose to take it seriously.

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  1. If true ,any player that decided to “down tools and cheat the hard paying fans every week can do one ! And I am trying to be polite here 😡.
    I think we can all see that certain players have not given 100 % ,I hope the new manage gets them out the door pronto ! .

  2. Deffo, a lot of senior players have not been giving as much effort as they should, if this is true , never mind not respecting GVB, they are treating the fans with contempt.

  3. Think we could all see from early on that there was no leadership and the behaviour of certain players seemed to confirm lack of respect, thinking of Morelos getting sent of against Hibs for the sort of petulant behaviour that Gerrard took years to get out him, same against St Mirren when he ran straight from kick off for second period and pushed the boy he boy right in front of red, John Lundstram gas certainly put in the effort but in my opinion the stupid foul he committed against Napoli to get booked was deliberate to get a ban for Ajax game

  4. As with previous comments. Every Rangers player who hasn’t been putting the effort in should be shown the door. Along with a board who didn’t have half a brain to see that we needed players signed before the champions league started.

  5. Campbell is a fud ,same guy who wanted us sanctioned by Uefa for alleged chanting ,who needs friends with clowns like that pretending to be fans

  6. If this is case , then they senior players should hang there heads in shame at the total lack of professionalism & contempt for the hard working fans that very been rinsed in the pocket . Disgraceful , we need a Souness or Walter mk 2 in the dugout & weed these bags out if the case .

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