Rangers fans react to Ryan Porteous as January transfer

Rangers fans react to Ryan Porteous as January transfer
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - NOVEMBER 21: Ryan Porteous of Hibernian sits injured during the Premier Sports Cup semi-final match between Hibernian and Rangers at Hampden Park on November 21, 2021 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

Earlier we suggested Ryan Porteous will almost certainly be linked to Rangers with the Hibs defender having turned down a lucrative offer to remain at Easter Road, and the response from many fans was extremely predictable.

It was the same reaction they made when mentioning Duncan Ferguson as a potential new manager or on the management team, and that being that the response was completely heart over head, with barely an ounce of rational reason but instead hot-headed comments telling us Porteous is a ‘pr*ck’ and ‘April fools was 5 months early’.

A minority, however, got it – Rangers NEED a ‘pr*ck’, a complete b*st*rd, an *rsh*le who will rough up the opposition, get stuck in, and be able to play a bit too.

When was the last non-nonsense player Rangers had? John Lundstram veered into enforcer territory last season, but a pure and utter ‘pr*ck’ he is not, and that’s a vacancy Rangers have had for a long time.

Graeme Souness was a complete c*nt on the pitch, and Rangers fans adored him for it – the man took absolutely no prisoners, getting red cards all over the place but putting his body, his everything on the line and roughing up the opponent.

Rangers have been weak spined for a long, long time without a single tough guy in there noising up the opponent – the same fans eager for Duncan Ferguson, who was a complete nutter on the pitch, to be part of the club, and ‘sorting that dressing room out’ are now objecting to a guy like him being signed.

Does he hate Rangers? Who cares who he supports – we sure don’t – Neil McCann was certainly no Rangers fan when he joined us but name a man bluer now. Porteous’ comment about ‘do I look happy’ was what is known as banter, and the day we block a potentially good signing because that player poked a bit of fun is the day we all go home.

We signed Mojo for chief’s sake, and he was absolutely outstanding for us.

The reality? Whether Porteous is one the club looks at doesn’t matter – we need someone with a bit of rough about them to wind up opponents – and the number of Rangers fans we’ve heard from over the years who used to hate Scott Brown but wished we had a player like that in our side is into the thousands.

Who knows if Porteous is going to be a future signing, but it’s always downheartening when the same fans who want a hard man, a pr*ck and want Big Dunc then tell us Porteous is all these things and they couldn’t want him less.

Football is a funny old game.

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  1. “IF” we signed him, I am pretty sure he will be one of those players that fans will end up loving as he gives 100% and will be a c**t to other teams. We need one of them

  2. It’s yes from me , this lad could be a legend at Ibrox . He’s got all the Katic type attributes and more . However I’m not sure he would want to come. I also think we might get priced out as the EPL will be interested . If we can make it happen , yes please. Could a massive change signing in the direction we need to go .

  3. Hard as fuck and would kick his grannie to win a game …have we not been crying out for that ? It’s a YES from me ! .

  4. Been talking about his situation with hibs for a couple of months now with mates.

    If he is available, we should certainly be looking to get him. Hard in a tackle, something we seem to lack ATM. Gets in the oppositions faces, again, something we lack.

    Could not care about what team he supports, what school he went too, or what his granny would say, IMHO, he improves our team and that is all that interests me.

  5. I would’ve signed him before Soutar, I agree with all the above. He’s always been a big dirty/hard b*****d that isnt easily pushed about & that’s what we’ve been missing in the centre of defence for long enough. If he’s available & wants to come then it’s a yes from me.

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