Rangers fans must get onside as Michael Beale is officially unveiled

Rangers fans must get onside as Michael Beale is officially unveiled
Beale putting his management team together... (Credit Rangers FC)

It’s time now to drop the sniping and complaining, for now Michael Beale is officially Rangers’ 18th manager and those detractors need to back him or find another club.

Whatever we think of the board, Giovanni van Bronckhorst’s exit, or the choice of Beale to replace him, that IS the route we’ve gone, and if Rangers fans could back a complete spanner dud like Pedro Caixinha (and believe us, his appointment was better received by a lot of supporters all those years ago) then they can back Beale.

The job of a supporter, dare we say it, is to support. It is absolutely fine to have misgivings about an appointment, absolutely fair and correct to admit you’re uncertain of a Rangers manager and think it might not be the right choice, but still to get behind him, back him to prove you wrong.

This is fine – to have opinions.

But what isn’t fine is to, as some fans are, will him to fail, to brand him a dud before he even starts and say, as we’ve seen from plenty of ‘fans’ today, ‘f*ck off’. Yes, really.

Plenty of supporters aren’t behind Beale, they aren’t happy with the appointment, and they’re making their feelings clear.

We on Ibrox Noise weren’t in favour of many of our past appointments, but we look past it and will them to prove us wrong, we backed them to show us to be idiots, and in some cases they did.

We will never stop holding our managers to account on this site, and we’ll never stop wanting what’s best for the club. But we will support the boss, and urge him on.

The ‘fans’ today who are clearly abusing the new manager and essentially wanting him to fail are no fans of Rangers FC and we can do without them.

As we say, opinions are one thing, but going further than them isn’t.

If you don’t back Beale, think he’s a mistake and you want him to fail, there are places further east your type is more at home at.

Back the boss, and let’s see where Michael Beale takes us.

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  1. 100 % backing from me ,wish him all the best in his quest to get the better of the great pretender from the other side ,who seems to have the media onside and their tongues firmly planted in his arse .
    Cmon Mick you can do it !!! .

  2. Whilst I as a true Ranger I fully support our manager who ever he may be , but I hold my criticism as my right with respect and total love for the club. I still firmly believe we are having the blue wool pulled over our loyal eyes. The board need to change which I will hope too see at the AGM , I also want to get the whole Transfer mess explained and fixed and I’m sorry the appointment of Micheal Beale who I rate big time will not really change anything until it all changes sorry.

  3. Stop calling him Mick for obvious reasons his name is Michael. I was disappointed at Gio being axed but as Michael Beale is the manager he will get my full support and hopefully he will get the backing of the board to transform the squad.

    • Fucking mentality like that has to stop. I have never met Michael Beale, but if he likes to be called Mick then so be it. Let’s fucking grow up.

  4. I think he wasn’t right choice. I was thinking someone with more experience of building a squad with buttons was needed, but i cant wait too be proven wrong 💯. If it doesn’t work out I’ll not blame beale it’s on the board & Wilson.

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