Rangers fans are all saying the same thing after Giovanni van Bronckhorst is sacked

Rangers fans are all saying the same thing after Giovanni van Bronckhorst is sacked
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - OCTOBER 22: Rangers manager Giovanni van Bronckhorst and his assistant Dave Vos are seen during the Cinch Scottish Premiership match between Rangers FC and Livingston FC at on October 22, 2022 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

Rangers fans are of one voice after the sacking of Giovanni van Bronckhorst by placing the blame and responsibility for the club’s current plight firmly at the doorstep of the board and Ross Wilson.

The current regime is among the most unpopular outside of the 2012-2015 years before Dave King and Paul Murray seized power, with even the worst of the SDM years being more popular than this, even with Martin Bain’s chronic tan.

No, the Parks, Robertson and Bennett (altogether not better (older Bears will get that reference) era is sifting into deeply unpopular sack the board territory, with Director of Football Ross Wilson particularly under fire given most of his decisions have led to the mess we’re in now.

Ibrox Noise compiled a who’s who of Wilson signings to gauge their success, and could only find 7 of 26 additions which actually added value, and in three years, that’s a pretty dreadful return. It is generally conceived that Gio is carrying the can for the likes of Wilson, being the fall guy for so much money wasted and bad decisions made.

It is also true Gio himself never attracted the level of love Steven Gerrard did, a man who was idolised by thousands, millions, a true football icon, even though he had no prior connection to Rangers. But that slight lack of adoration for the former man doesn’t mean he’s being blamed solely for this mess.

No, the board have a tonne to answer for, with few fans actually wanting them to answer any of it but just exit stage left instead. Douglas Park has been the poorest chairman the club has ever had, after a bright start, one extremely respected and well-rated by yours truly.

But since March and the mathematical securing of 55, he and his board have been a literal shambles, making absolutely no good decisions aside bringing in Gio. Unfortunately not backing him meant the man’s hands were tied so that was a good decision itself ruined by many bad ones.

So as much as many fans do believe Gio probably couldn’t do much more any more to improve our lot, 99% of all fans (if not more) are entirely done with this board and blame them squarely, particularly Wilson.

Wilson, Park, Park jnr, Robertson – those four are very much in supporters’ targets now, and we wonder how much longer they can hold onto their positions.

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