Rangers’ board gives Michael Beale his January Ibrox player budget

Rangers’ board gives Michael Beale his January Ibrox player budget
HOUNSLOW, ENGLAND - JUNE 20: New QPR Head Coach Michael Beale talks to the media at the QPR Training Ground on June 20, 2022 in Hounslow, England. (Photo by Bryn Lennon/Getty Images)

Reports this morning claim imminent new Rangers manager Michael Beale is ‘happy’ with the January transfer budget and the board have been transparent with him about what he has to spend.

The natural elephant in the room is exactly what that budget is, and whether this story means Beale is happy to have no money at Ibrox, or has been given a set amount he can spend in January and is content with that.

The reality is when we go back to January this year, then-new manager Giovanni van Bronckhorst got all of £300,000 to spend, that being on farce signing Mateusz Zukowski, who might just be the worst right back Rangers have ever had outside of Anestis Argyriou.

And of course, Rangers’ Director of Football Ross Wilson was the one chiefly responsible for that window and for summer – so he was one who brought in the Pole, James Sands, and big-time flops Aaron Ramsey and Amad Diallo.

But this time around things may be different – Beale is said to be happy with what he has to spend in the upcoming window, which does, as we say, go one of two ways for Rangers:

Does Beale have a good budget with which to make a difference in the new year and actually bring in some quality for a change to Govan? Or will Rangers’ board give him nothing and he’s already happy with that and makes does with what he has?

Either or, Beale is happy anyway, and we really do hope he’s happy because he has numbers to spend.

Rangers don’t exactly have a fortune right now, with a potential £10M lawsuit on the club from Elite Sports, but the accounts were strong and pointed to good performance in some good areas for the company.

We certainly hope Beale will have a few quid in his Rangers wallet.

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  1. It’s another bit of smoke screen I fear . I’m happy to see him back , although I still want a Rangers person at his side,
    Neil Mcann if possible. The Stewart Robertson, Ross Wilson blockage will still be the real elephant in the room . It is still not fully clear and transparent what is going on . GVB was treated very poorly and eventually made a scape got for this set up at Ibrox in transfers etc. OK the players or at least some had downed tools , also some others seem more than happy to sit on the treatment table. Let’s see how it plays out , his appointment and the AGM and expected board changes.

  2. Accounts were strong hahahaha. A 1 million loss on your highest turnover ever. In any accountants eyes that is a fucking disaster!

    • Funny that, we gave it to a financial expert with years of experience at the top level, and he said the opposite. But if ‘Cindy’ thinks it’s a disaster then fair enough!

      • You guys can barely talk English so there is no way you could understand what an educated person said! A 1 million loss on record breaking revenue is 100% a fucking disaster. Happy to provide you sexist fools with an accountancy 101 any time you require it!

          • I suspect the readership of this forum is comprised of 99.99% idiots and Celtic fans (they are not mutually exclusive by the way). You’d be left with me and that would be no fun for you as I’d call you out for the garbage you talk….

            Have a nice day also.

        • Educated from those faith schools ? All they teach is how to screw the government for countless benefits

          Sellik fans are a bunch of inbred unwashed manky bastards, that even your CEO sent letters advising you lot to wash

          All of them on universal credit and no doubt you are single and that you have about 7 kids with 7 different fathers Cindy

          But see the best thing is ? We live in your head 24 hours a day 7 days a week, no that gives me more pleasure than anything 😆

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