Not even Ibrox general John Lundstram is free from Rangers’ fan rage

Not even Ibrox general John Lundstram is free from Rangers’ fan rage
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - SEPTEMBER 03: John Lundstram of Rangers arrives prior to the Cinch Scottish Premiership match between Celtic FC and Rangers FC at on September 03, 2022 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

With things going the way they are, it appears no one is safe from some Rangers fans’ aggression, and while we don’t deny we’ve been heavily critical of the likes of Tavernier, Kent, Kamara and Davis in recent months, one man we’ve given very little heat to is John Lundstram.

As such, a lot of fans have been pointing the finger at us, blaming us for criticising Tavernier’s role in yesterday’s loss while apparently ignoring Lundstram’s.

You know what? They are absolutely right. We did ignore Lundstram’s. And why? Because Lundstram has absolutely given us the earth, moon and stars, playing through the pain barrier, leading in the middle and been one of the major shining lights of Rangers’ 2022. So if he had a bad afternoon, an error, and hell if he did ignore the fans and walk on the bus, John Lundstram has earned a free pass from Ibrox Noise.

Few of our adopted sons have given half of what Lunny has – he understands the club, he plays through the pain for us, he keeps on going and he plays damn well with it, when he has a decent midfield partner that is.

So we’re very sorry if we’re not joining in the sudden hate-fest for Lundstram, just because he made a gaffe yesterday.

Tavernier? He’s made countless, he’s played dreadfully, and some are giving him a free pass with the fact he ‘isn’t the main problem here’ or stood taking the flak yesterday when others avoided it.

Some fans even want to call Lundstram’s actions ‘unforgiveable’ – what we find ‘unforgiveable’ is turning on a player who has been absolutely heart, soul and no lack of ability 100% everything on the pitch for us, with an injury, just because he made a single error.

Some supporters really are behaving extremely poorly – hell, you might be pointing the finger yourselves at Ibrox Noise because of our critique of the likes of Tav, McGregor and Davis, and point scoring with ‘but YOU said’.

But the day we start turning on good players for one mistake in a season where they have not stopped giving their absolute all is the day we are no better than those we criticise.

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  1. Tav is quite clearly semi fit and has been for most of the season. Hes gone from motoring up and down the park to barely being able to sprint. We have paid the price for relying on a small core group for too long (Tav, Goldson, Lundstrum, Kent, Buff, McGregor) and now theyre unfit/off form we have nobody to step in. Again this goes into poor planning and poorer recruitment.
    Granted we look to our captain to set and example and lead, but if hes semi fit and playing through the pain barrier setting an example is beyond him.

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