Michael Beale stunner as respected journalist says Rangers AREN’T in talks

Michael Beale stunner as respected journalist says Rangers AREN’T in talks
HOUNSLOW, ENGLAND - JUNE 20: New QPR Head Coach Michael Beale talks to the media at the QPR Training Ground on June 20, 2022 in Hounslow, England. (Photo by Bryn Lennon/Getty Images)

Former Sky Sports presenter and well-known Bluenose Jim White has officially contradicted his former employer by claiming their report that Queens Park Rangers gave permission to Michael Beale for talks with Rangers is simply false.

The Talksport presenter, a well-liked and respected journalist and presenter, left Sky Sports News a year or so ago, and has been a radio man ever since, but following Sky Sports announcing QPR had given permission for Beale to talk to Rangers, White then said that was false:

“My understanding is that no permission given as yet by QP to allow Michael Beale to speak to Rangers about vacant manager position – situation at standstill for now.”

This contradicts directly what Sky said:

“Rangers are in talks with QPR head coach Mick Beale over the vacant managerial role at Ibrox, after being granted permission to open negotiations from the Loftus Road club.”

White’s comments were at half 12AM while Sky’s report was at half 10 last night, so one of them is absolutely wrong, and at this point, we couldn’t even guess which one.

White is very well connected thanks to his Sky Sports days, and rarely gets it wrong, but Sky Sports are just as well connected of course so it really is down to who you trust more. Or who you want to trust more.

Would you prefer to trust Sky who say talks are happening between Beale and Rangers, or White who says there are no talks at all and that’s false? One of them is patently incorrect and that in itself will divide fans, with Beale being a divisive appointment already, should it happen.

White really is putting his neck on the chopping board by contradicting his former employer, so he’d better hope for his own credibility his information is correct, because it’s a big counter to their story and Sky Sports are generally fairly accurate for Rangers information.

But then White generally tends to be on all matters Ibrox as well. A tough one when it comes down to it. One of them isn’t right, and that’s down to you to decide.

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  1. I do hope rangers are taking their time and not putting all their efforts in to one guy .This would just be mental, particularly when the next appointment SO important,it could mean the difference between our neighbours taking off In the distance and surpassing our trophy haul,struggling to keep up .
    That is the importance,for my part Beale is not the man to do that .🙄 We have to get it right .

    • Stuart correct mate, this appointment HAS to be right, not sure myself if it is Beale though. Don’t think there is an obvious outstanding and unanimous candidate though. Whoever it is has to get whatever they want and need to make us no1 again. This is what I worry about that they won’t get that

  2. I think Dyche would have been the all round better manager and has the experience at the top level ,however maybe they chatted and not for him ,budget etc jonny .

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