Gio van Bronckhorst never stood a single chance with this Rangers board

Gio van Bronckhorst never stood a single chance with this Rangers board
What chance did he have?

If one thing is obvious with the exit of Giovanni van Bronckhorst as Rangers manager, it’s that the Dutchman never stood a chance with this board.

It all started nicely enough, and got better and better as we reached Sevilla, but Giovanni was unsupported in the same way Steven Gerrard was, and while Gerrard’s exit was dreadfully poor, we are beginning to understand why he decided the offer from Villa was a better option.

This Rangers board simply do not have the manager’s back – they do not support the manager, whoever he is, don’t give him enough funds, don’t generally let him sign his own players, and don’t support him in times of crisis.

We’re not sure exactly what Gio was supposed to do, having earned the club approaching £130M in the last 12 months the-now former boss was given only £15M of that, and told that was his lot. Then before he knew it Ross Wilson was signing Rabbi Matondo and John Souttar.

The manager made errors of course, no Rangers manager is ever flawless, but we’re not quite clear on exactly what Gio was supposed to do with what he was given, even less with how he was supposed to cope losing around 15 first-team players.

Put Jurgen Klopp in charge of an injury crisis, and see what happens. And we did – as he surrendered the title and finished a distant third. This was definitely far from all on Gio but he has been the one to pay the price for the board’s frugality, mistakes and ego.

From achieving miracles with someone else’s squad by getting the cup and Sevilla, Gio was never given the support to truly build his own – he didn’t appear to sign a single player he personally wanted, unless you think Aaron Ramsey, Amad Diallo and Matondo were his idea?

No, Gerrard’s exit, while poorly conceived, looks more and more justified now as the board make his successor the fall guy for their own incompetency.

What is a new manager going to do with half the squad out and a budget of 3 quid that he can’t even spend on his own men? Of course, he may have a few players back by then, and that’ll help, but the truth is Gio was on a hiding to nothing by the end.

This decisions says more about the board than it does about GVB’s actual performance.

And it’s not good.

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  1. This decision stinks and it say a lot about the spineless board who as you say gave the man no assistance whatsoever. They have thrown a good Rangers man to the wolves and have bowed to fan and media pressure to save their own skins. AGM coming up.and this takes the off them. If Gio is gone why is Ross Wilson still in place as is as culpable as the manager considering the garbage he foisted in him. Yes Gio made mistakes what manager hasn’t but he has been hamstrung by injuries to key players. As for a replacement who knows but names mentioned do not fill me with hope. My wish is Thomas Tuchel but he will be too expensive and the league not good enough for him but the question should be asked of him. My hope is that Martindale and McIness are not considered

  2. Painfully 100% correct. Its been a mess for a while . The transfer or lack of players is a disgrace Aribo and Bassey were always going to go. Gio hasn’t had a chance to put his players in place that’s clear , that’s because of Wilson and the board. The timing of the sacking is an arse covering move before the AGM by the board . I think it’s possibly a poison challace which any prominent manager won’t fancy. I fear the worst .

  3. The job just turned out to be too big for him ,and he was not a big enough personality to stand up to wilson and the board .
    The next manager must be .

  4. Yet you back the board for going beale?who has managed a championship team for 6 months,but he’s the man for you.

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