Douglas Park has zero intention or interest in engaging with Rangers supporters

Douglas Park has zero intention or interest in engaging with Rangers supporters
The man at the top was part of the problem....

Today’s story badmouthing Douglas Park for refusing an invitation from Club1872 for dialogue is pretty pointless, and made for clicks.

The Rangers chairman has made it abundantly clear since permanently taking the boardroom helm that he is not and never will be interested in engaging with fans, having never spoken to a single group in his time as chairman and never even having given an interview bar a brief and possibly mildly drunken babble alongside John Bennett when we secured 55.

Beyond that, the chairman does not, has not, and will not ever engage with press or fans on any level, and the ignominy between himself, his family and Club1872 means their invitation to him was never going to be accepted.

Rumours abound that his son Graeme is the main source of the problems, with some quarters claiming he was single-handedly responsible for the appointment of Pedro Caixinha, and has been the toxicity with fans causing a tonne of issues. We cannot confirm or deny these rumours.

But we do know Park senior has never shown an iota of interest in talking to supporters beyond those tiny RTV nuggets, and a single one minute video address for the AGM in 2020. So that’s not going to change, and even those who do his bidding for him, Robertson, Bisgrove and Bennett have not exactly done a lot either aside that brief charm offensive a couple of months ago.

So his ignoring an invitation isn’t exactly a ‘hold the press’ moment.

He will never speak to supporters, isn’t interested in them, and may even be downright shy – who knows what it is that has kept him completely out of the limelight from the start.

His predecessor opened his mouth far too much, Park opens it too little.

But end of the day, unless an EGM is forced and new viable individuals show the funds and the wherewithal to take this board and this chairman’s place, nothing is going to happen to change it.

It is what it is, and this year’s AGM is going to be absolutely fascinating indeed. Wonder if Park will actually say anything.

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  1. I have my issues with park and the whole lack of funding ,however his answer may be along the lines of ” I put my money where my mouth is ” .
    A lot of people are forgetting that during the pandemic we had a 28 million black hole in the finances and we started to hear the dreaded phrase “funding required to keep club going as a going concern ” again.Nobody knew what we would go on to do in europe at this point or the money we would make from players .
    Park along with others underwrote these debts ,they may be recouping their loans now ,why not ? it is their hard cash after all ?.
    They may know things about the finances we dont, thus why no major spend ,I still think with the money spent and squad we have we should be doing much better in SPL ,thats on the coaching and DOF side for me .
    Do the fans really want a shower of blowhards in the form of american consortium or king back ? or a quiet guy who keeps the club on a sound financial footing ?
    be careful what you wish for ,better the devil you know sometimes.

  2. Figures released today 5.9 million in profit ,as I thought it might be ,no major millions lying in bank ,the board gave what they could .It has not been invested correctly by DOR and coaching imo .

  3. Have I really ? 86 million turnover operating profit of 5.9 million after payouts- o.9 million loss
    What have I got wrong ? .

  4. Rangers are back now today. November 2022 after Scottish clubs voting to chop off their own feet before a marathon run, in 2012. The debts are paid and a clean slate.

    GVB will be there until the end of the season and longer if he turns it around.

    Park and the board are like angels compared to that corrupt shower of imbecilic morons SNP in the regional assy disaster.

  5. No problem with a guy who invested in our club when others didn’t, interest free loans / loans need to be repaid , we live within our means , he doesn’t need to speak to a group that think they are the voice of the fans

  6. I don’t like Park he’s caused more problems than solutions, those fans he won’t talk to might just one day walk away what harm would it do to speak with a few after all their money keeps the club afloat as good as parks does

  7. 100 % agree alan ,these guys know about business and balance sheets and imo after reading the accounts they have done their job .
    The people that say we should go spending millions and millions of money thats not even in our accounts yet would have us back in administration in no time .
    Better to stick to supporting club and let the qualified guys deal in balance sheets ,finance ,loans etc .

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