Beale to Rangers takes twist as ‘real’ reason for QPR exit emerges

Beale to Rangers takes twist as ‘real’ reason for QPR exit emerges
BRISTOL, ENGLAND - OCTOBER 01: Michael Beale, Manager of Queens Park Rangers looks on during the Sky Bet Championship between Bristol City and Queens Park Rangers at Ashton Gate on October 01, 2022 in Bristol, England. (Photo by Dan Mullan/Getty Images)

It has emerged a major reason Michael Beale is so keen to return to Rangers and to Glasgow is a lot less about betrayal and treachery upon Queens Park Rangers and Amit Bhatia, and a lot more about the fact his family are unsettled in England.

On his move to Aston Villa, which he only did out of loyalty for his close friend Steven Gerrard, he moved his whole family down to the West Midlands and they were never happy there, didn’t want to be there.

The move to London hasn’t helped because his family remain based around the Birmingham area, with it suggested as impractical to move them yet again inside a few months of the move there from Glasgow, so they’ve remained uncomfortable.

But with this chance to return to Rangers, where not only Beale himself was happy, but more importantly his family were too, it was a no-brainer to the man.

Yes, he always wanted back to Rangers to be manager one day, but when it became clear to him approaching a year away from Rangers that his family were not happy up north near Villa, Rangers’ interest was about as glorious for him as it gets.

Not only would he get the job he’s always wanted, but his family gets to leave the West Midlands where they’re unhappy and come back to Glasgow where they were completely settled.

For him personally and professionally, it’s a dream come true – Beale underestimated the extent to which his family would be unhappy leaving Glasgow, especially his kids who basically grew up there, and now this offer to come home is perfect for him.

So while it’s an absolute yes on a footballing level for Mick Beale, it’s an absolute yes personally too.

It also explains a bit why what he chose to leave Villa – knowing his family were unhappy where they were this was the first step, and in time he’d have hoped to bring them south to London if they were happy with doing so, but this interest from Rangers appears to have been a blessing for the whole family and he and they jumped at the chance.

No question Beale is one of us, but so are his family, and hopefully this move works out for everyone.

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