Are Rangers really interested in £1.5M Championship left back?

Are Rangers really interested in £1.5M Championship left back?
HUDDERSFIELD, ENGLAND - OCTOBER 09: Mark Fotheringham, Manager of Huddersfield Town looks on during the Sky Bet Championship between Huddersfield Town and Hull City at John Smith's Stadium on October 09, 2022 in Huddersfield, England. (Photo by Charlotte Tattersall/Getty Images)

Clickbait Insider claims Rangers are interested in Huddersfield’s Ben Jackson, 21, in what we imagine is just yet another story the nonsense clickbait site is using in Rangers’ name, a bit like their Rangers site, Ibrox News, effectively steals ours as well.

The story on Jackson just seems convenience and easy traffic – with Ridvan Yilmaz’ Rangers future not quite assured, and his being out through injury, amid claims from the same source that Rangers will look to sell Borna Barisic, they’ve conjured a story about £1.5M Jackson, a Championship left back with, we’re sure, a promising career ahead of him.

Are Rangers watching this guy?

Maybe. But Rangers’ scouts are watching dozens to hundreds of players, especially in the Championship, and a site like theirs picking a relegation-destined side from which to use players for Rangers seems just like lazy ‘journalism’.

Ibrox Noise could easily conjure up a left-field player you’ve not heard of and make up an exclusive that we’re looking at him, if our interest was to exploit you and take the audience for mugs. It’s not. Yes, we do need traffic for revenue to keep the lights on, we aren’t shy about that, but we’re transparent, and we won’t just spew fiction at you in order to get your time and clicks.

Jackson? A 21-year old who’s been in and out of Mark Fothering’s Huddersfield side this season (with the side rooted to the bottom of the table) doesn’t really interest us if we’re honest.

We’re sure he’s an honest trier, but the entire tale just strikes us as the usual fiction, and in truth we have been contacted by a number of our readers concerned with Football Insider’s persistent use of Rangers fans for traffic, spouting nonsense stories which too many supporters take seriously and swallow hook line and sinker.

It is what it is, and you know you can trust Ibrox Noise to give it to you straight. We won’t always get it right, but we’re always honest, and we know the vast majority of those who read us understand that.

Unlike the muppet who left a comment this morning asking if the site was run by Celtic fans…

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  1. I must honestly say I’ve never been on Ibrox news or any others apart from 4 lads on twitter, never even heard of ibrox news until today so l wouldn’t give them clicks like the red tops Sun and Daily Rheble, all run from the scum fans from the east end now, l used to yip, but there us only 2 websites l rely on the truth now

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