“Careful unplanning” – how Gio undid all his good Rangers work

“Careful unplanning” – how Gio undid all his good Rangers work
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - OCTOBER 22: Rangers manager Giovanni van Bronckhorst reacts during the Cinch Scottish Premiership match between Rangers FC and Livingston FC at on October 22, 2022 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

And we’re back to the Champions League, and being honest, I can’t think of one good thing to say about this upcoming match.

With Gio determined to play a midfield that does not work, in front of a defensive line that is now a complete mess, all we can hope for is we don’t lose by double digits.

As usual, Gio’s tactics tomorrow will be to punt the ball as far as we can up field, and hope that, somehow, our lone striker will magically transform into a goal scoring monster, who can take on the entire Napoli team single handed and score goal, after goal after goal.

If everything goes to plan we should win by six or seven goals, easy. Yep, apparently, Gio really cannot understand what is going wrong with Rangers. Can I honestly ask you is there any point talking about the Napoli team?

If I talk about their weaknesses (yes, they do have some weaknesses) can we (with Gio in charge) take advantage of them? Sadly, I don’t think so.

With Gio adopting the worst Rangers tactics I have seen since Pedro, I honestly fear the worst for our team, because just now, you could take any team in the Champions League, and every single one of them would beat us; all because Gio’s stupid inferiority and fear has destroyed our team.

And being honest I think we have the right to be very angry, and when I say we I mean we the fans, and players. Last year Rangers showed we could compete with the best teams in Germany.

And last year I made the point of saying that Gio had worked miracles by not changing everything, and just tweaking what was necessary. Remember I said it was a team that had a little bit of every single prior manager, with some pieces still remaining from Warburton.

Last year we were happy, because sometimes doing absolutely nothing can be the most important thing. All he did was tweak the Ibrox midfield so that it worked more closely with the back line, and voila, there was far better communication in the entire team.

But this year Gio decided to bin absolutely everything that made our team unique. And he also played a major part in decimating our team, by not standing up for those who were leaving. And now he is clearly forcing the remaining players to play his way, and it is just not working.

For God’s sake. Rangers’ strength last year was we could soak up incredible amounts of pressure, and then hit fast on the break. And then we could change our formation and go all out in attack, and have some of the best teams on the planet pinned back in their own half.

We also had a team that if there was an injury, there was always a replacement.

And we had a team that was so happy to have finally reached the Champions League. Because they (our team) thought they could hold their own against anyone, and they were right.

Then Gio turned around and told Rangers’ players one and all they weren’t good enough, and he told them his tactics were to have our entire team defend for 70 minutes, and somehow turn things around in the last 20 minutes. Just now the players are shell-shocked. The Champions League adventure has turned into a nightmare, and it is not all their fault.

In Italy, Gio will deploy his usual back five, and we will lose. Let’s be honest, he isn’t going to change. He does not have the desire or the ability to teach them to do anything different, and it will be a miracle if we get out of Naples with a draw.

I think we all have got to the point now that we know that there is no point hoping for a win, because we all know is Rangers will once again be stuck in our own half the whole night, and it is going to be murder to watch.

All we can do is wonder how many goals it will take, before Gio finally realises it is him that is the problem. If Gio, is the tactical genius we thought he was, it is about time he shows it. I’d rather our team goes out swinging and taking a few lumps out of Napoli and Ajax, and I only hope our players are not scarred for life by Gio’s stupid fear.

I, for one, don’t think they deserved it.  Remember, this was the Rangers team that made us dream.

Players don’t become this rotten overnight. Sadly, that takes careful unplanning.

My prediction is a 5:0 loss. Sadly, anything better against Napoli will be a bonus.

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  1. l have chosen to work backhift on Wednesday and make money, rather sitting at home behind the sofa everytime Napoli bursts the net

    it is absolutely heartbreaking what Gio has done to our team

    At least the scouse rhat knew how to beat the eastend scum and also got magical results in Europe to this what we have now become, a pub football team, a laughing stock in the UK,a captain who thinks he is bigger than the club, all other players that have downed tools/quit and desperate to escape or held us to ransom, things need to change at Ibrox ASAP

    we have had very little to smile about since 55, ive stopped reading the sports pages, it is absolutely depressing

  2. I hope you are right, I will take a 5-0 now. I fear it will be a lot worse it could be a record score l hope I’m wrong.

  3. The man has no vision. Like tav,its others to blame.never seen Rangers play with 3 strikers up front or any other team. On the planet.

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