What is Rangers’ board up to?

What is Rangers’ board up to?
The chairman isn't sitting happily on these numbers....

This propaganda offensive the club is on is really one we’re looking at here at Ibrox Noise.

First we had vice-chairman John Bennett giving a carefully-controlled interview to the club’s in-house TV channel which said so much without actually saying a single thing of any gravity, and then that’s been followed up by the board’s new propaganda mouthpiece the Glasgow Times/Rangers Review, run as it is by a confirmed Hibs fan (once lambasted by Rangers fans for being the DR’s Rangers blogger when clearly a supporter of Easter Road).

To be clear, we don’t have anything intrinsically against the Times or RR, Joshua Barrie seems a good Rangers writer and analyst especially, and historically the old Evening Times was always impartial, having Rangers writers like Alan Davidson (RIP) and Celtic ones like Ronnie Cully.

But these days we’re a bit less sure about them (especially their choice of boss), and they now seem to be the board’s sounding point, previously having used their own fan media to leak little controlled titbits out.

And MD Stewart Robertson’s extensive interviews with RR/Times appear confusing at best and misleading at worst – after all, RR confirmed, like ourselves, the CL base income to be around £40M before Robbo came in and said that was false.

Mind you, remember ex-chairman Dave King mouthed off via the DR (to the chagrin of even his most ardent backers) then himself changed tact to the Times?

What is actually going on with this board?

From complete radio silence with fans, they’ve now done a 180 and are rambling in the press daily.

Now, there are two ways of spinning this – either they have actually heeded the calls for more transparency and are talking to supporters (and shareholders), hoping to deliver what fans have been asking for, or they’re making PR blunders, choosing controlled outlets to speak through and telling us nothing of any real import. Or outright lying?

We’re on the fence in general – we stopped being huge fans of this board some time ago, with repeated bad decisions following the winning of 55 in March 21.

But fans have needed more dialogue and this is the first step towards that. Even if few believe a word they say….

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